CIMdata PLM Certificate Program (Norway)

Type: Training
Date: 06/10/13 12:00 AM CT - 06/14/13 12:00 AM CT
Location: Oslo, Norway Norway
Web site:
Phone: 734-668-9922

The CIMdata PLM Certificate Program prepares PLM professionals at several levels to successfully address the challenges inherent in PLM strategy development and implementation. The CIMdata PLM Certificate Program consists of 9 educational sessions. Sessions can be completed by either attending the full program delivered over 5 consecutive days or attending the pre-requisite core PLM Certificate sessions offered over 3 consecutive days and by completing the remaining sessions at a later time.

The CIMdata PLM Certificate Program is available to industrial companies who are considering and/or implementing PLM, and to PLM technology and service suppliers. This program is built on CIMdata's more than 28 years of extensive worldwide experience guiding industrial companies in successfully defining and implementing best-in-class PLM strategies and tactics.

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