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Datex FootPrint® WMS software utilizes state-of-the-art Microsoft .NET technology to provide a unified warehouse management system solution, built from the ground up, rather than updated from older software.  Known for its familiar user interface, it is intuitive, making it easier to learn and to master with minimal training. Providing the ability to allocate items based on FIFO, FMFO, LEFO, LMFO, and FEFO to effectively manage inventory, FootPrint is able to track inventory by lot, SKU, and UPC.   The Datex WMS solution includes a labor and time saving barcode parser capable of handling variable weights and ASN receiving.  To ensure a complete solution, Datex customers enjoy the highest standard of professional customer care, service, and support. Datex provides a comprehensive solution including hardware, support, service, and expert consultation services to supply chain/logistics businesses, including third party logistics and cold storage providers.

Datex FootPrint

Datex FootPrint

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