Founded in 1998, CAPS (Container and Pooling Solutions), is North America’s leading provider of container management services. The company’s comprehensive offering, including the complete management, rental and tracking of reusable liquid containers and dry containers, helps customers reduce their overall costs while improving supply chain performance.

  • 37564 Amrhein Road, Suite 100
  • Livonia, MI 48150
  • United States
  • Phone: 734.542.9150
  • Toll Free: 888.873.2277
  • Fax: 734.542.9628
  • Website:

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CAPS-TRAC Container Tracking Software

Product From CAPS

How CAPS-TRAC™ Container Tracking System Works:

As containers move through the supply chain, data is captured in the CAPS-TRAC™ database. Customers and suppliers can use any internet-accessible computer to access a variety of container tracking tools, including:

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CAPS 315-Gallon Collapsible Bulk Liquid Storage Container

Product From CAPS

Our 315-gallon containers are a simple and cost-effective way to ship liquids. These collapsible containers:

  • Reduce waste and minimize transportation and storage costs
  • Have largest weight capacity of any plastic collapsible liquid containers (3,307 lbs)
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CAPS' Corrugated Tote

Product From CAPS

Durable 275-gallon tote can be set up in less than a minute by one operator.

Key Benefits of the CAPS Corrugated Tote:

  • Holds 275 gallons
  • Low-cost high-quality liquid packaging solution
  • Single operator setup
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