Locus Traxx

Locus Traxx


Locus Traxx ensures foood Freshness, and Security by continuously monitoring and reporting shipment temperature, security and location.  Intelligent Alerts are issued if any incoming shipment data violates a preset rule.  Otherwise, shipment status and location data are available online as data-enriched maps, graphs or reports.

  • 630 Maplewood Drive
  • Suite 200
  • Jupiter, FL 33458
  • US
  • Phone: 561-575-7600
  • Toll Free: 866-995-6287
  • Fax:
  • Website:

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SmartTraxx Portable

Product From Locus Traxx

The SmartTraxx Portable system lets any shipper get real-time information on shipment temperature, security status and location, even if .  The SmartTraxx Portable system blends wireless temperature sensors with GPS and commuincation capabilities, all in a portable, reusable package.  Intelligent Alert text and email messages are issued any time there is an issue that needs your attention.  All shipment data is available online from any computer.

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