Voxware, Inc.

Company Details:
300 American Metro Blvd STE 155
Hamilton, NJ 08619

Phone: 877-483-7239

Voxware provides configurable voice software products that reduce operating cost, primarily by optimizing the order fulfillment process in warehouses for greater accuracy, productivity and flexibility. Voxware 3 is the only voice software product combining voice applications, voice toolset, and an adaptive voice framework that makes voice easier to implement, easier to use, and easier to change.

Voxware delivers the industry’s highest return on voice.  Our customers realize financial and operational benefits almost immediately, and typically achieve ROI in 10 months or less.  They also enjoy the lowest TCO because every Voxware 3 solution is adaptable, scalable, portable, and affordable.

Reverse Logistics: Ready for Prime Time

Reverse Logistics: Ready for Prime Time

Voxware Releases Upgrade to Voice Software

January 21, 2013
Hearing Is Believing

Hearing Is Believing