Tippmann Group / Interstate Warehousing

Tippmann Group / Interstate Warehousing


Tippmann Group offers more than 50 years of experience in the refrigeration industry, specializing in construction and management of refrigerated / frozen distribution centers.  Interstate Warehousing, a Tippmann Group company,  owns and operates 8 public refrigerated warehouse facilities strategically located throughout the U.S. in Indianapolis, Franklin (IN), Cincinnati, Chicago, Nashville, Newport News (VA), Grand Rapids (MI) and Denver.  Tippmann Group’s construction division provides a fast-track design / build option for construction of a new distribution center, or expansions and renovations to existing distribution facilities.  Tippmann also developed the QFR Zone™ (Quick Freeze Racking Zone), a more efficient alternative to traditional blast freezing, which can save warehouses up to 50% on their blast freezing related expenses.

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QFR Zone

Product From Tippmann Group / Interstate Warehousing

The QFR Zone (Quick Freeze Racking Zone) can cut your product freezing costs as much as 50%. The QFR Zone is a more efficient alternative to traditional blast freezing. With significantly improved airflow, dramatically lower labor costs, faster product turns, energy savings and continuous freezing capabilities, the patent pending QFR Zone is changing the way people are thinking about blast freezing. The QFR Zone can be incorporated into a new facility, or can also be retro-fitted into an existing warehouse. Each QFR Zone is designed to your freezing application with the flexibility to freeze virtually any palletized produts.

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