Top Green Providers

Everyone is sustainable these days it seems, yet These leaders are the ‘green’ envy of their peers.


Ryder (
Ryder is on the front lines in the development of natural gas vehicle operations and maintenance with over 250 vehicles currently deployed in customer operations, including many in the food/bev space. The company’s natural gas offerings started in Southern California in 2011 and have expanded to Arizona, Michigan, and Louisiana. When it comes to helping food/bev companies improve their sustainability, Ryder starts by assessing three key areas: transportation, facilities/buildings, and network design.


S4i Systems (
The grocery and foodservice sectors are notorious for tight operating margins, which make the migration from paper intensive work to electronic documents highly desirable. Increased sustainability, reporting, and tracking and tracing are add to the value proposition offered by San Clemente, California-based S4iSystems.


Saddle Creek Logistics Services (
Saddle Creek’s CNG fleet has grown to over 100 trucks over the past year and has already surpassed 3 million miles, which in turn supports their customers’ corporate sustainability initiatives. CNG trucks offer one of the cleanest burning alternatives to diesel trucks and boast near-zero emissions. They are also significantly quieter. In April, TalkingRain beverage company announced it had chosen Saddle Creek to handle its nationwide supply chain management.


Schneider National (
Given its rank as one of the nation’s largest truckload carriers, Schneider National has a vested interest in aggressively pursuing a sustainable future and has been doing so for over 30 years. Efforts to improve fuel efficiency have resulted in best practices and applications that have raised the bar for the entire transportation industry. All three of Schneider's business sectors, including truckload, intermodal and logistics, are SmartWay Transport partners.


Supply Chain Optimizers (
Among its suite of services, Supply Chain Optimizers specializes in packaging optimization, reducing the use of board and cardboard material and creating more efficient pallet configurations for clients such as Nestle and Heinz.


Telogis (
The launch of cloud-based Telogis for Food & Beverage in April targets the specific needs of this sector and, specifically the transportation of time- and temperature-sensitive freight. Telogis helps customers monitor greenhouse gas output and make improvements in their operations, including emissions compliance, cutting idling by over 25 percent, and reducing out-of route miles by 30 percent.


The Kennedy Group (
Even smart and simple to use labeling solutions play an important part in sustainability. The Kennedy Group’s patented placard label holder is designed to work with sustainable packaging in the food industry, including pallets and containers. Because it adheres permanently to reusable packaging, other labels can be applied and removed as often as necessary.


United Natural Foods, Inc. (
UNFI has achieved sustainability success in many areas—LEED certified facilities, a partner in EPA’s SmartWay, supporting the Organic Seed Alliance and similar organizations, and bringing Fair Trade to small banana growers in Ecuador and Peru. Currently, UNFI is installing solar electric systems on the rooftops of three of its warehouses. The company pledged in 2010 to reduce its carbon emissions by 5 percent from 2009 levels over five years.


US Perishables (
Oakland, CA-based US Perishables uses its supply chain expertise to provide faster, more reliable deliveries that reduce waste and damage to perishable shipments, consequently reducing inventory levels and saving energy and resources. The company also has access to cold storage facilities in major hub cities throughout the continental U.S.


Veracity Logistics (
In addition to running clean, efficient operations that boost their customers’ sustainability, Veracity Logistics has embraced a recycling program for plastic, paper and wood that captures up to 10 tens of shipping waste every month.


Werner Enterprises (
Werner has earned a place among best-in-class green provider. Through its participation in the EPA's SmartWay, the company has earned a ShipperIndex Factor (SIF) of 1.25, the highest score possible. An SIF of 1.25 represents outstanding environmental performance and is an example of how committed Werner is to sustainability. As example, the company's beverage trailers are equipped with wide base tires and lightweight trailers can help transport more payload with less equipment, and is just one way Werner has managed to save 58 million gallons of fuel since 2007.


Westfalia Technologies (
Westfalia’s “Go Green With High Density AS/RS” Design lets food/bev clients store pallets or containers up to 12 deep, using 40 percent less space and allowing for a smaller building footprint. Energy costs, especially in cold storage environments, are positively impacted. Even facilities with ceilings as low as 20 feet can benefit from Westfalia's solutions.


Witte Bros. Exchange (
Witte Bros. has deployed numerous sustainability initiatives throughout its operations, including the use of electric plug-ins for its reefer units to eliminate idling and emissions. On the road, the company uses APUs and Temp-A-Start units to reduce idling. Witte Bros. has been a strong supporter for the implementation of electrification (aka shore power) units throughout the nation’s truck stops.


Yale Material Handling Corporation (
Yale features innovative transmission designs that reduce tire and brake wear in the company’s internal combustion (IC) trucks. The company’s electric lift trucks are especially ideal for the food/bev industry and customers like McCain Foods. Yale’s Veracitor product offers the best energy efficiency of any lift truck in its class in North America.

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