The 2012 FL100

Software and technology providers whose products and services are crucial to the global food supply chain.


InMotion Global, St. Petersburg, FL

Web site:

Year founded: 2002

Number of employees: 65

Number of food customers: 15

Solution name(s): InMotion Global TMS

Worth noting: With InMotion Global TMS users interact with the system in the same way they interact with other systems so it feels very familiar and can be learned in just a short time. We offer a “sandbox” version of the software so that new users can “play” with the system—building loads, adding customers and carriers—so that they get the feel of the system and can see how easy it is to use.


INSIGHT, Manassas, VA

Web site:

Year founded: 1978

Number of employees: 30

Number of food customers: 30

Solution name(s): INSIGHT Enterprise Optimizer (IEO), INSIGHT Supply Chain Optimizer (ISCO), INSIGHT Transportation Optimizer (ITO), and INSIGHT Bid Optimizer (IBO)

Worth noting: Fifteen of the 25 largest food and beverage companies use INSIGHT’s solutions within their supply chains.


Instructional Technologies, Vancouver, WA

Web site:

Year founded: 1995

Number of employees: 21

Number of food customers: 43

Solution name(s): Pro-TREAD, Private Fleet Management Online

Worth noting: Our clients’ CSA scores are half the industry average. We looked at the industry averages for each CSA BASIC, then at the same information in our own client base. Our entire client base scored 24 points lower on average. Clients who take only four or more lessons per user, per year—that’s 25 minutes of online or in-cab driver training every three months—the fleet scored 30 points lower for each BASIC. When we looked at fleets taking 6+ lessons per driver per year, they scored 34 points better on average.


Intelleflex, Santa Clara, CA

Web site:

Year founded: 2003

Number of employees: 40

Number of food customers: 20-30

Solution name(s): Intelleflex XC3 Technology Readers and Tags, with ZEST Data Services for the Food Cold Chain

Worth noting: Intelleflex’s differentiation from competitive approaches to food safety lies primarily in its ZEST Data Services. Intelleflex works with partner firms to provide comprehensive solutions for condition monitoring from any location, real time transmission of data, data analysis, and implementation of solutions for minimizing shrink. Intelleflex’s ZEST Data Services, a secure, multi-tenant cloud-based data collection platform, allows permission-based sharing of information by all partners in the food cold chain.


Intelligrated, Mason, OH

Web site:

Year founded: 2001

Number of employees: 2,100

Number of food customers: 108

Solution name(s): System Integration, Conveyor Systems, Sortation Systems, Alvey Robotics, Conventional Alvey Palletizers, Real Time Solutions Order Fulfillment Systems, Software & Controls

Worth noting: Intelligrated designs integrated material handling systems tailored to the specific needs of each customer. With a one-stop solution, our customers also benefit from seamless integration of best-of-breed equipment with controls and software interface design. Each system is backed by 24/7 technical support and Web-based Customer Service Dashboard tool that provides quick access to real time system incident notifications and system documentation, enabling fast troubleshooting and support incident resolution.


Interlink Technologies, Perrysburg, OH

Web site:

Year founded: 1986

Number of employees: N/A

Number of food customers: N/A

Solution name(s): WHSe-LINK (Warehouse Link)

Worth noting: Interlink goes beyond customer service by working in partnership with customers to ensure a successful project and that the software performs above expectations.


Intermec, Everett, WA

Web site:

Year founded: 1966

Number of employees: 2,000

Number of food customers: 500

Solution name(s): Mobility and printing solutions for distribution centers and delivery and field service applications

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