The 2012 FL100

Software and technology providers whose products and services are crucial to the global food supply chain.


Transplace, Dallas, TX

Web site:

Year founded: 2000

Number of employees: 699

Number of food customers: 99

Solution name(s): Third party logistics, transportation management system (TMS), brokerage, supply chain consulting

Worth noting: We combine the most powerful aspects of Lean engineering philosophies with Six Sigma methods to deliver the right amount of high quality products and services at the right time—with the least amount of effort and cost. Lean and Six Sigma are complementary and highly applicable to the transportation industry. When carried out properly in tandem, they can produce unprecedented and lasting results for our customers.


Transportation | Warehouse Optimization, Franklin, TN

Web site:

Year founded: 1990

Number of employees: 18

Number of food customers: 5

Solution name(s): AutoVLB (Vehicle Load Building --SuperTruck), APAL (AutoPalletP3 + AutoLoaderT3), AutoSPA (Ship Point assignment), AutoScheduler

Worth noting: For 20 years we have helped P&G attain supply chain-wide savings. Companies like P&G continue to leverage our expert systems and domain knowledge because time and again they provide the “best” solutions possible in the “real world.”


TZA, Long Grove, IL

Web site:

Year founded: 1984

Number of employees: 50

Number of food customers: 45

Solution name(s): ProTrack Warehouse Labor Management System, ProTrack Drivers Labor Management System

Worth noting: TZA has an ongoing vision to help food, beverage and consumer goods companies proactively plan, monitor and manage their labor efficiently and run their operation at lower cost. TZA has implemented labor management technology and programs at more than 300 total sites and continues to expand the functionality of ProTrack LMS to deliver innovation and industry leadership to manufacturing, distribution and retail clients.


VAI, Ronkonkoma, NY

Web site:

Year founded: 1978

Number of employees: 130

Number of food customers: 40

Solution name(s): S2K Enterprise For Food

Worth noting: VAI was named winner of a 2012 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Solution for Midsize Businesses. Selected by leading industry influencers and IBM executives from among hundreds of nominations, IBM’s Beacon Awards recognize a select number of IBM Business Partners who have demonstrated business excellence in delivering IBM-based solutions resulting in client transformation and business growth.


Visual Data Group, Cleveland, OH

Web site:

Year founded: 2006

Number of employees: 30

Number of food customers: N/A

Solution name(s): QlikView, Alaras, LogiXML, Attivio, QVSource, QVExcel

Worth noting: We deliver solutions that provide real value to our customers. We do so quickly, efficiently and affordably. We can normally deliver a solution in half the time and at one quarter the investment of any of our competitors.


Voxware, Hamilton, NJ

Web site:

Year founded: 1993

Number of employees: 70

Number of food customers: 30

Solution name(s): Voice Management Suite (VMS), Cloud Voice Management Suite (Cloud VMS)

Worth noting: Voxware is the first high end cloud-based voice software solution provider that enables companies to enhance operational productivity, improve accuracy, and better serve their customers without investing in costly IT infrastructure.


W&H Systems, Carlstadt, NJ

Web site:

Year founded: 1964

Number of employees: 100

Number of food customers: 56

Solution name(s): Reliable Sortation Unit, Warehouse Control System, Garments on Hanger System, Rapidpac Picking/Packing System, and WHizard Conveyor Tracking and Monitoring System

Worth noting: W&H Systems has industry expertise in the food/beverage industry and the most implementations in the wine & spirits industry. Headquartered in Carlstadt, New Jersey, we currently employ over 100 experienced professionals, including one of the strongest and most qualified engineering and support staffs in the material handling industry. Our team is dedicated to helping clients optimize the flow of merchandise through their warehouses while minimizing labor costs and maximizing space utilization.

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