Transportation Management Systems

Transporting food and beverage products can pose various challenges within the supply chain, including on-time delivery, traceability, and managing fuel costs. Companies that don’t fully address these challenges risk losing out on higher profits and...

TMW Systems of Cleveland, Ohio offers Appian DirectRoute to meet the needs of route management.

“It definitely has improved our ability to plan the route, delivery time and the delivery cost,” says Mike Peterson, information technology director at Kohl’s Wholesale, Quincy, Illinois. “We can also get a better handle on customer satisfaction and the number of trucks in our fleet.”

With the use of TMW Systems’ software, Kohl’s Wholesale was able to merge more deliveries on their trucks, thereby making their fleet more efficient.

Logility’s real-time software, Logility Voyager Transportation Planning & Management, is also a useful tool for fleet managers. The software is constantly monitoring activity and issues alerts for any exceptions that arise.

“Logility Voyager Transportation Planning & Management is designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and help increase service levels,” says Pritz. “This increased visibility frees the team to focus on improving relationships with customers and carriers, creating a more productive end-to-end supply chain.”

LeanLogistics’ On-Demand TMS software aids in planning routes and also gives a company visibility into their fleets.

According to one customer, “The scalable environment of On-Demand TMS allows us to be flexible and efficient based on changing business needs.”

Meanwhile, the most recent offering from LeanLogistics is their Web-based application, LeanFleet.

“With LeanFleet, companies are able to maximize asset utilization while minimizing costs,” says Matt Ahearn, president of LeanLogistics. According to LeanLogistics, this technology helps shippers handle all aspects of their fleet by providing visibility into street-level routing.

Recently, Ruan Transportation Management Systems transitioned to a new, wholly integrated TMS called RTMS2.0. The product is a customized transportation management solution that combines software from one of the leading TMS providers, other best-of-breed logistics tools, including several load planning tools and a warehouse management application, and Ruan’s custom intellectual property.

“Our goal was to replace our previous TMS with a leading transportation management system that will augment Ruan’s competitive advantage in our core business of dedicated contract carriage and third-party logistics,” noted vice president and CIO, Ben McLean. “This change in technology will allow us to continue to focus on providing customized solutions for our customers, while providing us with industry-wide functionality updates from a preferred software vendor. We evaluated many offerings from some of the largest software companies in the world, and the software we chose ultimately provided the functionality that was best suited to our dedicated and 3PL operations.”


On the horizon

Industry experts are indicating that access to cloud-based services will continue to be a hot trend in the future in order to provide further connectivity for customers.

“The requirement of having visibility and reliability with managing your transportation cycle is critical,” emphasizes MercuryGate’s Sandifeer.

Along with an increase in cloud-based services, experts believe there will be a move toward the use of social media to facilitate easier communications and increase reliable service.

“I imagine that through the use of mobility and then some of the social media components, it will continue to have a play not only in the personal space, but also in the business space,” concludes Retalix’s Schrader.

A Conversation with Kohl Wholesale About TMS

Kohl Wholesale, based in Quincy, Illinois, is a service provider for various food companies. The company uses TMW Systems’ Appian DirectRoute management software, which is designed to optimize routing and reduce costs.

Mike Peterson, information technology director of Kohl Wholesale, spoke recently to Food Logistics about the company’s experience with Appian DirectRoute:

FL: What prompted the deployment to the Appian DirectRoute Software?

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