Tackle Business Challenges With Technology Solutions

This year's list of the FL100 offer tools to help companies gain a competitive advantage while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

CaseStack Inc.,
Santa Monica, CA;
Year founded: 1999;
Number of employees: 100+;
Number of food customers: 500+
Solution names: Retailer Consolidation Program; Transportation Brokering
Markets served: Manufacturers.
Key problems solved: Save time and money for mid-sized companies with high frequency and low volume orders. Minimize carbon footprint and wasteful shipping practices through retailer consolidation programs. Manage inventory expansions.

CDC Software,
Year founded: 1999;
Number of employees: 2,000;
Number of food customers: 431
Solution names: CDC Factory; Ross ERP and SCM; e-M-POWER; CDC Supply Chain; Respond; c360 CRM add-on products.
Markets served: Manufacturers; supermarket retailers; grocery wholesalers; convenience store distributors; foodservice distributors; third-party logistics providers.
Key problems solved: Depending on the product line addressed, each suite offers a range of benefits and addresses key problems.

Austin, TX;
Year founded: 1994;
Number of employees: 150;
Number of food customers: 6
Solution names: Supplier Collaboration for Oracle: Xtended Process Control (X.PC); Mobile Applications for Oracle: Gemini Simplified Interface (G.SI) Suite; OPM Data Collection: Gemini Simplified Interface (G.S1) for Receiving, Inventory, Manufacturing, Shipping and QA for OPM; Bar-Code and RFID Printing: Compliance Label Manager (CLM); Enterprise Returns Management (ERM); Supply Network Gateway (SNG).
Markets served: Manufacturers; foodservice distributors; third-party logistics providers.
Key problems solved: ClearOrbit solutions leverage and extend enterprise systems internally and in collaboration with trading partners to optimize operations, eliminate errors and reduce latency in inventory flow to respond to real-time demand change.

CLS Inc. (an Inmar company),
Winston-Salem, NC;
Year founded: 1985;
Number of employees: NA;
Number of food customers: 200+
Solution names: Retailer and manufacturer solutions include Returns Management; Asset Recovery; Risk Management; Returns Prevention; Information Intelligence.
Markets served: Manufacturers; supermarket retailers; grocery wholesalers; convenience store distributors.
Key problems solved: Returns Management (both RX and Front Store)--single source solution from return authorization to final disposition, including facility management, processing of physical returns, debit and credit financial management, reverse to forward, and policy consulting; Asset Recovery--value-added liquidation for discontinued, overstocks, withdrawn, surplus, closeouts, salvage, obsolete and distressed inventory balanced between optimal revenue maximization and brand and channel protection; Risk Management--regulatory compliant disposition, recall management including notification, product retrieval and payment and counterfeit detection and monitoring for brand protection and supply chain integrity; Returns Prevention--supply chain analysis for returns reduction and avoidance, best practices, score carding and packaging analysis at all touch points including manufacturer plant, distribution center, retailers' regional distribution center and retail store.

Container and Pooling Solutions (CAPS),
Livonia, MI;
Year founded: 1998;
Number of employees: 20;
Number of food customers: 50
Solution names: CAPS-135 Liquid Container; CAPS-TRAC Suite - Tracking Software
Markets served: Third-party logistics providers.
Key problems solved: Container loss - our containers are all bar coded and tracked via our proprietary CAPS-TRAC tracking software, reducing the risk of loss. Reduce cost - CAPS container rental and tracking typically saves our customers 10-15 percent off their current packaging spending. Save storage space - CAPS' containers are collapsible, saving valuable storage space once containers have been emptied. Additionally, collapsibility allows for more containers per truck, ultimately reducing freight costs; reduce risk of contamination - with liners being disposed of after every use, there's no risk of product contamination. Environmentally friendly - because containers are rented and used multiple times, they are more environmentally friendly than corrugated containers as they do not require disposal. Additionally, once a container can no longer be used, it is reground and the plastic materials are recycled and reused. Less residual and harborage points - containers have smooth surfaces for optimal hygiene and a sump to ensure less residual (wasted product). Eliminate the need for strapping and pallets - saving money and reducing disposal fees. No racking required. Hold 315-gallons - CAPS-315 has the largest weight capacity of any plastic collapsible liquid container (3,307 lbs).

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