Managing Change Through Uncertainty

This year's FL100 listing offers tools and services to help companies weather the economic storm.

ALK Technologies, Princeton, NJ

Year founded: 1979
Number of employees: 200
Number of food customers: N/A
Solution names: PC*MILER; PC*MILER/Streets; PC*MILER/Tolls; PC*MILER/HazMat; PC*MILER/Worldwide; PC*MILER/FuelTax; PC*MILER Web Services; PC*MILER Navigator, CoPilot Truck, and ALK/FleetSuite.
Markets served: Manufacturers; supermarket retailers; grocery wholesalers; c-store distributors; foodservice distributors; 3PLs.
Key problems solved: PC*MILER enables users to maximize revenues and minimize costs while utilizing the safest, most cost-effective routing for their vehicles. It reduces out-of-route mileage, saving time, tolls, and fuel. PC*MILER's 23rd annual edition also includes updated truck restrictions, database and routing improvements and a new carbon emissions and intermodal analysis functionality, all essential tools to help users achieve short- and long-term goals in the current economic environment.


ArrowStream Inc., Chicago, IL

Year founded: 2000
Number of employees: 101
Number of food customers: 20
Solution names: ArrowStream OnDemand; ArrowStream Network; ArrowStream Logistics
Markets served: Manufacturers; foodservice distributors.
Key problems solved: Growth and profit goals can be met, even in a difficult market, by leveraging ArrowStream OnDemand that overcomes information sharing barriers to integrate the supply chain. When trading partners share information via a connected supply chain and with access to our established network of foodservice manufacturers, distributors and chain operators, all partners gain immediate time- and cost-cutting efficiencies. Process improvements in forecasting, contract negotiation, freight management and more are likewise achieved, supporting long term goals like increasing promotions, driving store traffic and achieving growth.


Aspen, Temecula, CA

Year founded: 1978
Number of employees: 600
Number of food customers: 70+
Solution names: (customer portal) instant access via internet connection to our YMS, WMS, TMS.
Markets served: Manufacturers; supermarket retailers; grocery wholesalers; c-store distributors; foodservice distributors; 3PLs.
Key problems solved: Technology is an enabler that speeds up work flows, maintains constant/consistent communications, and drives productivity. In this environment technology is a key differentiator. It establishes a platform to meet vision and goals. Technology sets apart industry leaders from the rest. With the economy contracted, few are investing in their IT and choose only to maintain essential operations. Customers who face the same economic obstacles are looking for opportunities to meet goals faster, more efficiently, and with greater transparency. Advancements in applications and services need to be provided by a supplier and are tantamount to basic operational goals. Technology is now conducting logistics in a more efficient and productive manner than ever before, and service providers need to position themselves to capitalize on these opportunities for their customers.


Baus Systems LLC, Seattle, WA

Year founded: 1990
Number of employees: 8
Number of food customers: 150+
Solution names: DSD Route Accounting; Dex Delivery System; StoreDex
Markets served: Manufacturers; grocery wholesalers; c-store distributors; foodservice distributors.
Key problems solved: DSD Route Accounting lets distributors reduce the time to sell while providing and collecting additional information. This allows for more efficient selling and servicing of customers, while enhancing the distributors' professional image, without increasing staff in the field or in the office.


Blinco Systems Inc., Toronto

Year founded: 1988
Number of employees: 15
Number of food customers: 9
Solution names: 3rdwave GCM; 3rdwave Visualization Station; 3rdwave Collaboration Station
Markets served: Manufacturers; foodservice distributors.
Key problems solved: 3rdwave GCM technology enables clients to dramatically increase control over global sourcing and import environments, improve customer service and order fulfillment commitments, reduce global logistics costs and total inventory positions, and streamline operations. 3rdwave GCM provides a universal platform for e-business across the supply chain by integrating electronic messaging from suppliers, customers, service providers and financial institutions insuring total visibility at any/all stages of the cash-to-cash cycle resulting in reduced costs while increasing asset utilization, and regulatory and financial compliance.


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