Managing Change Through Uncertainty

This year's FL100 listing offers tools and services to help companies weather the economic storm.

Sterling Commerce, Columbus, OH

Year founded: 1974
Number of employees: 2,483
Number of food customers: 1,438
Solution names: Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite; Sterling Business Integration Suite
Markets served: Manufacturers; supermarket retailers; grocery wholesalers; foodservice distributors; 3PLs.
Key problems solved: By optimizing and transforming their business collaboration network--the ecosystem of their customers, suppliers and other partners--food companies can turn what used to be called the “supply chain” into a differentiating “value chain” to increase productivity, speed up time to market, and reduce risk and costs associated with compliance. Steps toward this optimized environment will help them obtain both short- and long-term goals.


Summary Systems, Plano, TX

Year founded: 1987
Number of employees: 6
Number of food customers: 3
Solution names: Foodservice Distribution System
Markets served: Manufacturers; supermarket retailers; grocery wholesalers; c-store distributors; foodservice distributors; 3PLs.
Key problems solved: The Food Service Distribution System is the ideal mobile solution for companies in the food service industry. The system interfaces with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, giving
you the ability to upload into the handheld delivery, invoice and route data. As the driver makes deliveries, the product being delivered is scanned or recorded, providing the driver with instant feedback on the accuracy of the delivery. The driver enters exceptions and prints a clean delivery receipt, invoice or credit. Upon departure from the customer site, exceptions can be instantly sent to headquarters for proper handling. The Food Service Distribution System combines a rugged handheld with wireless communication and has optional GPS, a printer and an engine interface, providing the full range of benefits of the Fleet Commander System.


Supply Chain Consultants, Wilmington, DE

Year founded: 1993
Number of employees: 45
Number of food customers: 6
Solution names: Zemeter software suite including: Demand Planner; Supply Planner; Inventory Planner; Finite Scheduling; Performance Management; Business Analyst; Zemeter S&OP; Zemeter S&OP Azimuth.
Markets served: Manufacturers.
Key problems solved: Supply Chain Consultants provides collaborative, best-of-breed, fully integrated supply chain solutions that can help manufacturers realize substantial bottom-line results. SCC's Zemeter provides reporting and analysis of supply chain performance. Users can cut and slice demand and inventory data, measure forecast accuracy, track S&OP performance, and monitor metrics critical to the organization. Zemeter serves as an early warning system when metrics are out of line with corporate expectations.


Supply Chain IntelligenceSupply Chain Intelligence, Cary, NC

Year founded: 2001
Number of employees: 14
Number of food customers: 8
Solution names: Outbound Shipment Intelligence; Inbound Shipment Intelligence; Fleet Utilization Intelligence; Demand Distribution Intelligence; Transportation Capacity Planning
Markets served: Supermarket retailers; grocery wholesalers; c-store distributors; foodservice distributors.
Key problems solved: Supply Chain Intelligence principals have extensive backgrounds in the grocery/foodservice industry which allows for focused solutions to their business models. Supply Chain Intelligence has developed an innovative system to solve customers' real transportation problems having proven its value in more than 20 engagements with a strong focus on food retail delivery, replacing other transportation systems. Supply Chain Intelligence has accelerated sales in the grocery industry which is the primary focus of the company. Clients are able to establish valid real-world transportation plans in a fraction of the time of current/previous transportation solutions.


Swisslog Logistics Inc., Newport News, VA

Year founded: 1898
Number of employees: 2,200
Number of food customers: 100
Solution names: Vectura, CaddyPick, ProMove, Tornado, CasePick, MultiPick, Monorail System, AutoStore
Markets served: Manufacturers; supermarket retailers; grocery wholesalers; c-store distributors; foodservice distributors; 3PLs.
Key problems solved: Swisslog delivers the best return on investment for those looking to upgrade or expand their warehousing, distribution or order fulfillment operations. We analyze our clients business then deliver the appropriate level of automation to minimize costs and maximize throughput and performance. Warehouse automation benefits include minimizing labor and all handling costs, and providing very dense storage through the use of high-bay facilities, which can minimize energy costs especially in refrigerated/frozen environments. Tangential benefits include, maximizing inventory accuracy, improved shipping and delivery performance, minimal material damage vs. manual handling, and lower overhead requirements = less support costs.

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