Managing Change Through Uncertainty

This year's FL100 listing offers tools and services to help companies weather the economic storm.


Revionics Inc., Granite Bay, CA

Year founded: 2002
Number of employees: 75
Number of food customers: 110
Solution names: Revionics Advanced Pricing System (RAPS)
Markets served: Supermarket retailers; grocery wholesalers; foodservice distributors.
Key problems solved: Consumer shopping behavior has changed--so companies must better price and promote their products to reflect consumer expectations. Price optimization delivers consumer-centric price recommendations, taking into account shoppers interests. Revionics price optimization can predict, in advance, how consumers will react to price changes--removing risk to deploying new price strategies, and allowing retailers to price and promote more effectively.


Robocom System International, Farmingdale, NY

Year founded: 1982
Number of employees: 40
Number of food customers: 22
Solution names: ROC WMS; RIMS WMS; R-Labor, Labor Management System; R-Voice, Voice Picking System
Markets served: Manufacturers; supermarket retailers; grocery wholesalers; c-store distributors; foodservice distributors; 3PLs.
Key problems solved: Robocom solves problems related to inventory accuracy, expense reduction and concerns over traceability in the food supply chain. Companies that need to address lot traceability; Country of Origin Label (COOL) compliance; attainment of high levels of inventory accuracy; integration of warehouse, transportation, labor and voice processes are helped by our solutions.


RyderRyder System Inc., Miami, FL

Year founded: 1933
Number of employees: 28,000
Number of food customers: 94
Solution names: Solutions we offer to our customers in this area are Supply Chain/Integrated, Network Design, Transportation Management, Dedicated Contract Carriage, Warehousing, Distribution and Value Added Services.
Markets served: Manufacturers; supermarket retailers; grocery wholesalers; c-store distributors; foodservice distributors; 3PLs.
Key problems solved: Economic conditions have caused significant changes in consumer demand. As a result, retailers and manufacturers are seeking new ways to become more “demand driven” to adjust to fluctuating consumer demands. Technology, paired with sound supply chain practices and network design, enables the visibility of products anywhere in the supply chain.


Saddle Creek Corp.Saddle Creek Corp., Lakeland, FL

Year founded: 1996
Number of employees: 1,600+
Number of food customers: 50
Solution names: Saddle Creek Integrated Logistics Solutions
Markets served: Manufacturers; supermarket retailers. Key problems solved: Never has it been more important for companies to understand the flow of their goods. Strong systems capabilities and accurate, up-to-the-minute information are essential to provide full knowledge of inventory (where it sits, when it is due to move, how often it has turned, etc.) as well as product visibility throughout the supply chain. An experienced 3PL that already has those systems in place can provide a strategic, integrated solution, combining state-of-the-art operating systems as well as the facilities, personnel and expertise to generate a convenient, lower-cost solution.


SAF USA Inc.SAF USA Inc., Grapevine, TX

Year founded: 1996
Number of employees: 150+
Number of food customers: 20+
Solution names: SAF SuperStore; SAF SuperWarehouse; SAP SuperForecast
Markets served: Manufacturers; supermarket retailers; grocery wholesalers; c-store distributors.
Key problems solved: SAF's core products--SAF SuperStore, SAF SuperWarehouse and SAF SuperForecast--automate and optimize the ordering process from customer to manufacturer to ensure that the right products are always in the right place. This enables retailers and manufacturers to meet short- and long-term forecasting and ordering goals and maximize profit during any economic climate. Unlike conventional supply chain concepts, SAF deploys the demand chain management approach, which controls replenishment planning based on consumer demand patterns.


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