Managing Change Through Uncertainty

This year's FL100 listing offers tools and services to help companies weather the economic storm.


Interstate Transport Inc., St.Petersburg, FL

Year founded: 2002
Number of employees: 27
Number of food customers: 13
Solution names: InMotion Global TMS (‘IMG')
Markets served: Manufacturers; supermarket retailers; grocery wholesalers; foodservice distributors; 3PLs.
Key problems solved: At $50 per month for unlimited loads and locations, users can log in through their web-browsers and have instant, real-time access, to their operation. Implementation takes minutes, meaning no down-time. Savings in transportation costs range from 11 to 17 percent, which translates to an average savings of $272 per truckload. IMG is intuitive and customizable which saves your staff time and improves accuracy, which in turn, directly affects your bottom line. Your staff will provide better service, which leads to customer satisfaction, increased sales and fewer claims.


JDA Software, Scottsdale, AZ

Year founded: 1978
Number of employees: 1,700
Number of food customers: 1,700
Solution names: Sales & Operations Planning; Network & Inventory Optimization; Pricing & Revenue Management; Demand Management; Store Operations; Merchandising; Category Management; Replenishment & Fulfillment Management; Production Planning & Scheduling; Transportation & Logistics Management; Visibility, Collaboration & Performance Management Platform
Markets served: Manufacturers; supermarket retailers; grocery wholesalers; c-store distributors; foodservice distributors.
Key problems solved: JDA Software helps companies optimize operations and improve profitability with its merchandising, supply chain planning and execution, and revenue management solutions. In today's economic climate, using the supply chain to capitalize on shifting consumer spending behaviors and cost volatility can improve market responsiveness and profitability. Data-driven decision creates a better link between the supply chain and overall financial business objectives.


John Galt Solutions Inc., Chicago

Year founded: 1996
Number of employees: 50+
Number of food customers: 32
Solution names: ForecastX Wizard; Atlas Planning Suite; Consumer Centric Planning.
Markets served: Manufacturers; grocery wholesalers.
Key problems solved: As the leading provider of affordable planning solutions for the consumer-driven supply chain, John Galt Solutions helps food companies increase forecast accuracy and optimize inventory levels. During this tough economy, companies have been under intense pressure to maximize supply chain performance. John Galt customers have achieved short term goals like increased collaboration with sales that drives improved forecast accuracy. The more innovative food companies are using John Galt's demand sensing solution to achieve a long-term goal of optimizing inventory at retail locations. Consumer Centric Planning radically simplifies the demand and inventory management process because it starts with consumer purchases via POS data, not retail orders, as the baseline. When compared with traditional forecasting methods, this more dynamic, weekly forecast can double forecast accuracy and avoid costly stockouts.


LANSALANSA, Downers Grove, IL

Year founded: 1987
Number of employees: 225
Number of food customers: 330
Solution names: LANSA Data Sync Direct
Markets served: Manufacturers; supermarket retailers; grocery wholesalers; c-store distributors; foodservice distributors.
Key problems solved: LANSA Data Sync Direct allows manufacturers, distributors and retailers to most efficiently keep the items in their supply chains in sync using GS1 standardized definitions (GTIN. GLN) and the GDSN as the medium of information exchange. The use of LANSA Data Sync Direct along with existing ERP or Master Data Solution significantly improves warehouse, logistics and transportation efficiencies as well as store/consumer setup, such as planograms.


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