Ten Companies To Watch

Food Logistics' annual salute to food and beverage companies that are using innovative solutions to address logistical challenges.

“Just considering the time-motion study, we measured a 500-plus-percent improvement. But it’s not just about how quickly you can enter data—we also have to consider the driver interaction and we want to account for that in our measurement. When we did consider this, we found there was a 263-percent improvement in productivity.”

Another amazing element of the system is its simplicity, Boyd reports. “We wanted the interface to be a simple point-and-click operation. This will help training labor for peak periods. This was another surprise for us because it used to require two days of training, but now it takes only two hours to train someone.” He adds that dispatchers confirm the system is easy to use and allows them to focus on making sure the load is executed properly without having to pay too much attention to the technology involved.

Another area providing cost benefit is having a solution to the cost of running empty miles. “Companies everywhere are trying to reduce their overall operating costs during this economic downturn,” explains Boyd.

The solution has exceeded Greatwide’s expectations, Boyd says. “It’s been a huge success with our business partners internally and with our operations group and our sales group. And it assures our customers that they will continue to receive the service they expect without interruption—even during peak periods.”

3. Cheney Bros. goes paperless, saves fuel with fleet solution - RIVERIA BEACH, FL - One of the largest foodservice distributors in the southern U.S.

Cheney Bros. Inc. is reducing operating costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars a year using a solution from Cadec Global, Manchester, NH.

Cheney Bros., Riveria Beach, FL, is one of the largest foodservice distributors in the Southern U.S. The company carries more than 15,000 national brand products and its annual revenues exceed $700 million.

In 2007, Cheney decided to upgrade from a first-generation fleet management product to a more advanced solution that would enable the company to remove all paper use from its transportation and delivery processes.

After an extensive search, Cheney selected Cadec Global’s Mobius TTS, an advanced fleet management system that enables companies to reduce costs, enhance customer service, enforce compliance and safety regulations and improve driver productivity.

With Mobius TTS, Cheney is now able to automatically collect, track and improve key efficiency and safety metrics and post reports in its transportation office for everyone to see. Company CIO Joe Haber reports that since Cheney Bros. implemented Mobius TTS:

• Excessive idle time has been eliminated;
• Fuel economy as measured in miles per gallon (MPG) is up; and
• Speeding, hard decels, unknown stops and accidents have been significantly reduced.

“Cadec is helping us fulfill our vision of removing all paper from the transportation and delivery process,” says Haber.

“In addition, when you consider all the savings enabled by our Cadec system—paper, fuel, labor and insurance—we estimate that we’ve reduced our operating costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. That’s had a significant impact on Cheney Bros. bottom line,” he adds.

Cadec has 175 drivers at its Riveria Beach DC and 150 drivers in Ocola, FL.

4. TopSource LLC performs strategic sourcing for its members - BRAINTREE, MA - Helps retailers and wholesalers lower costs, improve profits.

TopSource LLC, a not-for-resale (NFR) division of Topco Associates LLC, is using innovative technologies and processes to help its members to lower costs and improve the efficiency of their supply chains.

Topco, based in Skokie, IL, is a private label purchasing consortium serving food retailers and wholesalers. TopSource’s main purpose is to help companies lower costs on a wide range of goods and services, including corporate and national brands, perishables, equipment, supplies and business services.

“Rising costs for ingredients and transportation as well as cutbacks in consumer spending have combined to create one of the most difficult environments for food retailers and wholesalers in recent history,” says Chuck Wright, director, sourcing, at TopSource, Braintree, MA. “We perform the strategic sourcing function for our members—smaller companies that compete with WalMart and Kroger. “

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