FL 100: Bouncing Back With Technology

Software, hardware and IT service providers report the food industry is still a strong vertical for them.


PINC SolutionsPINC Solutions, Berkeley, CA
Year founded: 2004        
Number of employees: 30          
Number of food customers: NA               
Solution name(s): Yard Hound
Business benefits: By effectively leveraging technology to capture and share real-time visibility data within the company and with their supply chain partners, enterprises can achieve further cost savings, increase efficiencies, and gain competitive advantage even in today’s economic environment.


Plex Systems Inc.Plex Systems Inc., Auburn Hills, MI
Year founded: 1995        
Number of employees: 150        
Number of food customers: 3   
Solution name(s): Plex Online
Access information in real time to be more informed, proactive and responsive to market conditions and Business benefits: customer needs. Outperform the status quo, make smarter decisions, respond quickly to business demands, comply with rapidly changing industry regulations and improve customer satisfaction.


Prime Distribution Services Inc., Plainfield, IN
Year founded: 1990        
Number of employees: 226        
Number of food customers: 171                              
Business benefits: Technology, if used correctly, will allow users to gain efficiencies that will save them money and build a base for growth in the future.


Profit Point, North Brookfield, MA
Year founded: 1995        
Number of employees: 12+       
Number of food customers: NA               
Solution name(s): Network Design; Operations Planning; Production Scheduling; Territory Planning; Transportation Optimization and Vehicle Routing.
Business benefits: Using optimization in the supply chain enables companies to gain short-term benefits in areas such as scheduling transportation and long-term benefits in areas such as network design and infrastructure planning.


Psion Teklogix Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Year founded: 2000        
Number of employees: 1,000
Number of food customers: 100+
Solution name(s): 7530 Handheld Device; 7535 Handheld Device; 8515 Vehicle Mounted Computer; 8530 Vehicle Mounted Computer; 8580/8590 Vehicle Mounted Computer
Business benefits: Technology, like Psion Teklogix’s handheld devices, increases productivity and efficiency by enabling employees to work faster and smarter. This saves management hours in manpower and improves the bottom line. These short-term accomplishments create a stronger, leaner business in the long term.


Qualcomm Enterprise Services, San Diego, CA
Year founded: 1988        
Number of employees: NA
Number of food customers: 12
Solution name(s): Mobile Computing Platform (MCP) 110
Business benefits: MCP110 is designed to improve operational efficiency, enhance driver productivity and reduce costs. It operates using terrestrial communication with the option to upgrade to terrestrial plus Wi-Fi. With Wi-Fi-enabled communication, customers can access static content on both the Internet and web-based email programs, as well as scan documents over the Wi-Fi network without paying a service charge.


Real Time Freight Services, Chicago
Year founded: 2003        
Number of employees: 40          
Number of food customers: 2300            
Solution name(s): Freight Management System; RFP/RFQ Sourcing; RTF Rate AnalysisSM; RTF SmartSelectSM—Com Complete AutoTender; Transportation Message Center; RTF Carrier Management
Business benefits: In this downturn, the challenges facing Real Time Freight customer’s is ensuring that their transportation partners are qualified, managed and their rates are competitive. With Real Time Freight, our customers overcome these challenges and realize a centralized, secure, controlled freight management solution.


RedPrairie Corp., Waukesha, WI
Year founded: 1975        
Number of employees: 1,200    
Number of food customers: 100+            
Solution name(s): Warehouse Management; Workforce Management; Financial Management; Inventory Management; Execution Management; Learning Management; Performance Management; Transportation Management; Food Processing; Error Proofing/Traceability; Sequence Delivery; Build-to-Order; Supply Chain Visibility; Dashboards 
Business benefits: Food retailers and distributors can use hosted or installed solutions, or a combination of the two, to quickly on-board new clients, improve customer service and achieve increased savings by leveraging the flexible pricing models and scalability that both options enable in any economic climate.


Retalix Ltd., Plano, TX
Year founded: 1982        
Number of employees: 1,200    
Number of food customers: 400              
Solution name(s): Retalix Power Enterprise Suite; Retalix Power Warehouse; Retalix Power Net; Retalix Power Sell; Retalix Power Menu; Retalix Mobile SFA (Sales Force Automation); Retalix Vendor Portal; Retalix Power Delivery; Retalix Demand AnalytX; Retalix Transportation Optimization; Retalix Dock Scheduling; Retalix Yard Management             
Business benefits: Technology helps food distributors increase overall supply chain visibility, control and productivity, which reduces costs in both the short and long term. Those traits are helpful in any economic environment, but can be viewed as extremely important during tough times.


Retrotech Inc.Retrotech Inc., Victor, NY
Year founded: 1985        
Number of employees: 90
Number of food customers: NA                               
Solution name(s): ACTIV High Density Storage; Engineering/Consulting Services
Business benefits: Start with the end in mind, “what do you need to accomplish” and how does it align with your corporate objectives. Work backward and make decisions based on data.


Revionics Inc., Roseville, CA
Year founded: 2002        
Number of employees: 50          
Number of food customers: 70 
Solution name(s): Revionics Life Cycle Price Optimization; Revionics Price; Revionics Promotion; Revionics Markdown; Revionics Collaborate    
Business benefits: Revionics helps retailers to price their products in better alignment with quickly evolving consumer expectations. Agility to adjust to market conditions, and sensitivity to the consumers’ perception of value can help retailers win in today’s economy.


Robocom Systems International, Farmingdale, NY
Year founded: 1982        
Number of employees: 40          
Number of food customers: 24 
Solution name(s): ROC WMS; RIMS WMS; R-Labor, Labor Management System; R-Voice, Voice Picking System; R-Connect, enterprise integration tool; R-Order, order management system designed specifically for the food and beverage industry; Star TMS
Business benefits: Unique solutions are required to overcome the current economic conditions. The need to reduce costs cannot trump the need to improve market share, competitiveness and long-term growth. Robocom addresses these problems by providing solutions that control costs and raise standards. An example is our unique integration of voice picking and labor management which not only increases productivity and accuracy, but also permits distribution managers to accurately predict and manage their workforce requirements. This approach can be implemented both with our own suite of solutions and with existing legacy applications to provide ways to remove barriers to achievement of short and long term goals.


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