FL 100: Bouncing Back With Technology

Software, hardware and IT service providers report the food industry is still a strong vertical for them.


MercuryGate InternationalMercuryGate International, Cary, NC
Year founded: 2000        
Number of employees: 51          
Number of food customers: 18 
Solution name(s): MercuryGate TMS with Mojo               
Business benefits: Savings come from optimized load plans so that fewer trucks are needed to meet service requirements. ROI is also achieved through rate optimization so the best rate is always used. Process improvement accounts for additional savings.


Mettler Toledo, Zurich, Switzerland (North American HQ: Columbus, OH)
Year founded: 1901        
Number of employees: 10,000
Number of food customers: 2888
Solution name(s): Portable Floor Scale  
Business benefits: The 2888 DECKMATE floor scale is a portable scale with an extremely low profile for easy loading; making it ideal for totes, small mixing vats and reactors. The scale can be used in sanitary environments such as pharmaceutical and food processing operations.


Motorola Solutions, Schaumburg, IL
Year founded: 1928        
Number of employees: 64,000
Number of food customers: 1,150+
Solution name(s): DS3400 series of rugged bar code scanners; FX7400 Fixed RFID Reader, MC55 series of enterprise mobile computers; MC75 series of enterprise mobile computers; MC9000 series of industrial mobile computers; MC9500 series of industrial mobile computers; MOTOTRBO series; MT2000 series of handheld mobile terminals; RDX series of two-way business radios; LS3578 series of rugged bar code scanners; VC5090 vehicle mounted mobile computer; WT4000 series of wearable mobile computers; AN480, AP-7131, AP300, MC65 series of enterprise class mobile computers; MC3090 series of industrial mobile computers; MC3090-Z handheld RFID reader; MC9090-G RFID reader; RFS7000 wireless LAN switch; RS309 wearable scanner; RS409 wearable ring scanner; RD5000 mobile RFID reader; TEAM VoWLAN solution; VC6096 in-vehicle/fixed mount mobile computer; WS2000 wireless switch; XR450 fixed RFID reader.
Business benefits: As the market picks up, companies will have the opportunity to replace aging technologies with new solutions that will afford greater visibility into their supply chains, streamline processes, increase productivity and ultimately guarantee the freshness of food as it’s shipped.


NECS Inc., Madison, CT
Year founded: 1990        
Number of employees: 15          
Number of food customers: 1,500
Solution name(s): entree.NET (Internet-based product which serves the needs of food distributors and their customers)
Business benefits: This Internet-based software technology reduces order entry costs and mistakes on orders while upselling the customer. It provides tools for salespeople to track and quote new prospects and tools for customers to generate reports.


Next Generation Logistics Inc., Inverness, IL
Year founded: 1988        
Number of employees: 15          
Number of food customers: 150              
Solution name(s): FreightMaster TMS
Business benefits: Food Logistics readers would benefit from the first load the tendered via our FreightMaster TMS using our sophisticated carrier selection process and optimization.


Next View Software Inc., Orange, CA
Year founded: 2007        
Number of employees: <12       
Number of food customers: 2   
Solution name(s): Next View Warehouse Management; Next View Labor Management; Next View Yard Management; Next View Live—real-time visualization & collaboration
Business benefits: Improve inventory and order accuracy as well as product traceability and recall with Next View WMS. Utilize Next View LMS for improved workforce productivity and reduced labor costs—maximize the effectiveness of your workforce for on-going process improvement and savings. Reduce IT costs and efforts with Next View’s on-demand (SaaS) solutions for greater ROI and payback across your supply chain. Next View Software drives supply chain productivity improvements for workforce, warehouse and supply chain visibility.


Nulogy Corp.Nulogy Corp., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Year founded: 2002        
Number of employees: 30          
Number of food customers: 12 
Solution name(s): PackManager; PackPortal
Business benefits: Business benefits: Nulogy's PackManager is a Contract Packaging Management System (CPMS) designed specifically for contract packaging and used extensively by logistics service providers and packagers in the consumer foods industry. The cloud-based solution helps you simplify management of increasingly complex requirements while reducing costs, and improving efficiency and quality of production. Its real-time visibility provides an accurate snapshot of your shop floor and warehouse, providing flexibility within a standardized, proven framework. Nulogy's PackPortal integrates with PackManager to provide further upstream efficiencies in order and project management for brand owners.


Optricity, Research Triangle Park, NC
Year founded: 2005        
Number of employees: 8+          
Number of food customers: More than 22 distribution centers 
Solution name(s): OptiSlot DC; OptiProfile
Business benefits: Warehouse optimization technology is a key driver that delivers both short term benefit—by reslotting an existing facility, and long term benefit—ongoing slot maintenance. Rapid payback for this type of technology makes it appealing because cost justification can occur quickly. By rapidly reducing labor costs, improving space utilization and responding better to the dynamic sku mix changes that are increasingly prevalent slotting optimization technology, readers achieve both hard and soft dollar paybacks even in this difficult economic climate."


PakSense, Boise, ID
Year founded: 2004        
Number of employees: NA        
Number of food customers: 750+            
Solution name(s): PakSense Ultra Contact Label; PakSense Ultra Wireless Label; PakSense Ultra Printer
Business benefits: Technology can be used to streamline distribution processes and help ensure that only the freshest and safest products reach consumers. An investment in technology can provide significant ROI, especially if there are temperature issues in the supply chain.


Paragon Software Systems Inc., Dallas
Year founded: 1991        
Number of employees: <50       
Number of food customers: 75+              
Solution name(s): Paragon Routing & Scheduling Optimizer; Paragon Multi Depot; Paragon Integrated Fleets; Paragon Fleet Controller; Paragon Resource Manager; Paragon Home Delivery System; Paragon Fastnet; Paragon Multi Period Planner; Paragon Territory Optimizer; Paragon Fixed Route Manager; Paragon Carbon Minimizer
Solution name(s): Paragon’s solutions enable logistics operations to cut transportation costs typically by 10 percent or more—achieved through more efficient planning. With implementation to go-live typically taking just 8-12 weeks, these savings can recover the software investment in a matter of months.


PeopleNetPeopleNet, Minnetonka, MN
Year founded: 1996        
Number of employees: 213        
Number of food customers: 150              
Solution name(s): PeopleNet Driver Terminal; PeopleNet BLU; PeopleNet TABLET
Business benefits: The technologies fleets use and deploy are critically important to the success of their businesses. CSA 2010 is going to have a significant impact on fleets of all size, and those that survive will be smart about how they do business and make sure they have everything in place to operate more efficiently.

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