FL 100: Bouncing Back With Technology

Software, hardware and IT service providers report the food industry is still a strong vertical for them.

INSIGHT Inc., Manassas, VA       
Year founded: 1978        
Number of employees: 20          
Number of food customers: 30 
Solution name(s): SAILS INSIGHT Enterprise Strategy (IES); ITOS (Insight Transportation Optimization System); IBO (Insight Bid Optimization); DPM  (inventory analysis—a strategic partnership with Tools Group)
Business benefits: Insight Inc. is a world leader in providing supply chain software and consulting services that are designed specifically to meet daunting challenges in a dynamic, global marketplace: strategic supply chain design, strategic sourcing/outsourcing, risk management, mergers and acquisitions, optimal production plans and schedules, transportation procurement and operations, detailed facility operations analysis and so on. We relentlessly focus on enabling clients to outsmart their competitors and deliver verifiable bottom-line results, as illustrated by our latest unprecedented breakthrough: the marriage of supply chain and marketing into an optimized, profit-maximizing, integrated enterprise strategy.


Interlink Technologies, Perrysburg, OH
Year founded: 1986
Number of employees: NA
Number of food customers: NA
Solution name(s): WHSe-LINK   
Business benefits: WMS technology offers the ability to operate at peak performance with less labor and more product information. Reducing human error and increasing productivity create happy customers and increase sales. WMS provides solid, real-time information for accurate production planning and forecasting.


Intermec Technologies, Everett, WA
Year founded: 1966        
Number of employees: 1,900
Number of food customers:  500+
Solution name(s): Intermec provides mobile computers, mobile and fixed printers, handheld scanning, RFID, software and services for food company applications in warehousing, manufacturing, field service, private fleet transport and direct store delivery.
Business benefits: Intermec customers benefit from the industry’s most proven technology and diverse portfolio of rugged mobile solutions, which are developed with the sole purpose to improve business processes and drive maximum ROI, providing customers with a long-term solution to meet future demands.


JDA Software, Scottsdale, AZ
Year founded: 1978
Number of employees: 3,000
Number of food customers: 700
Solution name(s): Sales & Operations Planning; Pricing & Revenue Management; Demand Management; Store Operations; Merchandising; Category Management; Replenishment & Fulfillment Management; Production Planning & Scheduling; Transportation & Logistics Management; Visibility, Collaboration & Performance Management
Business benefits: JDA Software, The Supply Chain Co., helps companies optimize operations and improve profitability with its merchandising, supply chain planning and execution, and revenue management solutions. In today’s challenging economic climate, using the supply chain to capitalize on shifting consumer spending behaviors and cost volatility can strategically improve market responsiveness and profitability. Data-driven decision creates a better link between the supply chain and overall financial business objectives.


John Galt Solutions, Chicago
Year founded: 1996
Number of employees: 50+
Number of food customers: 38
Solution name(s): Atlas Planning Suite; ForecastX Wizard; Consumer Centric Planning
Business benefits: As the leading provider of affordable planning solutions, John Galt Solutions helps food companies reach critical goals like increasing forecast accuracy and optimizing inventory levels. Our tools improve collaboration and help streamline challenging processes like sales, inventory and operations planning (S&OP).


LANSA, Downers Grove, IL
Year founded: 1987        
Number of employees: 225        
Number of food customers: 330
Solution name(s): LANSA Data Sync Direct
Business benefits: LANSA Data Sync Direct allows manufacturers, distributors and retailers to efficiently keep the items in their supply chains in sync using GS1 standardized definitions with the GDSN for information exchange—significantly improving warehouse, logistics and transportation efficiency. 


LeanLogistics, Holland, MI
Year founded: 1999        
Number of employees: NA
Number of food customers: NA                               
Solution name(s): On-Demand TMS; GreenLanes; Managed Transportation Services;  Network Optimization; Carrier Procurement Services
Business benefits: In addition to innovative technologies like GreenLanesTM, LeanLogistics continues to present new ways of leveraging the On-Demand TMS  network data through innovative tools, such as the Transportation Index and network optimization.


Locus TraxxLocus Traxx, Jupiter, FL
Year founded: 1998        
Number of employees: 18          
Number of food customers: 4   
Solution name(s): OverSight; SmartTraxx; SmartTags
Business benefits: It’s critical that every step in the cold chain be carefully monitored. In-transit monitoring of temperature and safety, particularly when the trucks aren’t yours, is a risk area that is underserved. Monitoring in-transit shipments can reduce loss near term and long term, will help companies maintain their reputation as providers of safe, fresh product.


LogilityLogility, Atlanta
Year founded: 1996        
Number of employees: 132        
Number of food customers: 172              
Solution name(s): Logility Voyager Solutions
Business benefits: In challenging economic times, Logility Voyager Solutions enable companies to more accurately plan for and manage today’s variable demand patterns, accelerate inventory velocity, create precise demand plans and optimize transportation planning to reduce costs and improve customer service.


Logistix SolutionsLogistix Solutions, Herndon, VA
Year founded: 2006        
Number of employees: 50          
Number of food customers: 12 
Solution name(s): Logix—Supply Optimization and Distribution Network Planner; Logistix RS—Routing and Scheduling;  Logistix TS—Truck Scheduler
Business benefits: Supply Chain Optimization tools that optimize loads, routing and scheduling and distribution network design uncover 5 to 15 percent savings every day. Companies like Kroger and third party logistics providers like NYK Logistics are saving significant transportation costs using these tools.


LTM Services, Manorville, NY 
Year founded: 2004
Number of employees: NA
Number of food customers: NA
Business benefits: LTM Services equates to the complete control of all costs associated with any serviceable equipment fleet. Our service is the optimal blend of proprietary software and extremely experienced human analysis. We remove our client from the serviceable equipment fleet business allowing them to concentrate on the other aspects of their operation while significantly reducing their overall costs.


LTW Intralogistics Inc., Wolfurt, Austria
Year founded: 1981        
Number of employees: 170        
Number of food customers: 190              
Solution name(s): Warehouse automation; stacker cranes
Business benefits: LTW Aisle-Changing technology for stacker cranes offers a solution for reducing the initial investment cost for a warehouse. Since the stacker cranes can switch aisles automatically, there is no need to purchase a stacker crane for each aisle.


Lucas Systems Inc., Wexford, PA
Year founded: 1998        
Number of employees: 55          
Number of food customers: 20+              
Solution name(s): Jennifer VoicePlus
Business benefits: Food manufacturers, distributors and retailers need to carefully invest in technologies that deliver immediate reductions in day-to-day operating costs without requiring huge up-front investments. Rather than replacing current systems, the focus is on technologies that work with existing systems to enable more efficient, effective ways to deliver products to customers.


Manhattan Associates, Atlanta
Year founded: 1990        
Number of employees: 1,000    
Number of food customers: 140              
Solution name(s): Manhattan SCOPE: Supply Chain Optimization from Planning to Execution      
Business benefits: The rising cost of food and fuel has challenged food distributors and retailers to find solutions that reduce costs in order to manage inventory, reduce waste and deliver fresh products with varying shelf lives to stores while keeping prices down for customers. Manhattan Associates’ solutions for the food Industry enable food manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers to respond quickly to changing demands, comply with burgeoning regulations and improve service levels. Food companies can also enhance profits by reducing transportation costs and speeding deliveries.

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