FL 100: Bouncing Back With Technology

Software, hardware and IT service providers report the food industry is still a strong vertical for them.

Epic Group—Data Synchronization Business Unit and Epic Group—Global Technology, St. Charles, IL
Year founded: 2002        
Number of employees: 11          
Number of food customers: 2 (data sync), 13 (global technology)
Solution name(s): Epic’s Fast Start Data Synchronization System; Hawkeye Perfect Measure Systems
Business benefits: Technology allows retailers and manufacturers within the CPG industry to work smarter with less during these difficult economic times.  This will help in the short term, but will blossom into a long-term benefit to the ROI of every company. Accuracy and productivity gains are crucial to the short-term profitability and the long-term goals of every company that ships products from a warehouse, and to a retailer’s shelf. 


FST Logistics, Columbus, OH
Year founded: 1991        
Number of employees: 200        
Number of food customers: 50
Solution name(s): Bounce Back By Reinvesting  
Business benefits: By reinvesting into the company by implementing state-of-the-art technology, you poise yourself for the better times ahead and stay on top of the competition. We have used the last 12 months to totally upgrade our phone systems, implement RF scanners and new inventory control software in the warehouse and totally new software for our transportation services that will eliminate two older software packages. The short term is the immediate effects you gain from efficiencies in operations, gaining valuable manpower that’s focused on more important tasks. Long term, you position yourself to immerge from the sluggish economy stronger than ever and ready to do more business.


GalleriaGalleria, Chicago
Year founded: 1989        
Number of employees: 70          
Number of food customers: 9   
Solution name(s): Galleria’s Customer-Centric Merchandising Solution; Galleria’s Promotional Display Optimization Solution               
Business benefits: Galleria’s Customer-Centric Merchandising solution enables food retailers to attain their short- and long-term goals by always ensuring the right products are in the right place, in the right quantities, at the right time to drive profit.


GENCO Supply Chain Solutions, Pittsburgh, PA
Year founded: 1898        
Number of employees: 6,800
Number of food customers: 17 
Solution name(s): Contract Logistics; Transportation Logistics; Reverse Logistics; Product Liquidation; Damage Research; Parcel Negotiation & Audits; Pharmaceutical Services; Government Solutions; Supply Chain Technology
Business benefits: Technology advancements in both material handling and warehouse management systems can and are being used to increase supply chain visibility, productivity and transportation efficiencies and lower labor and total operational costs.


GlobeRanger Corp., Richardson, TX
Year founded: 1999        
Number of employees: 25          
Number of food customers: 2   
Solution name(s): Perishable Supply Chain Track and Trace Solution        
Business benefits: Speeds up business processes by reducing delays and inefficiencies in information capture and processing; Excess inventory and excess labor is removed from enterprise operations, thereby lowering costs and boosting financial performance; Improvements on the supply side are followed by demand-driven supply chains as organizations take advantage of demand signals captured by RFID and related technologies.


HarvestMark, Redwood City, CA
Year founded: 2005        
Number of employees: 50+       
Number of food customers: 180              
Solution name(s): HarvestMark item- and case-level traceability solutions           
Business benefits: HarvestMark’s item-level traceability earns meaningful consumer preference on the shelf for perishable products and enables producers to get unprecedented insight into the quality and freshness of their products all the way to the store shelf and the consumer kitchen.


HighJump SoftwareHighJump Software, Eden Prairie, MN
Year founded: 1985        
Number of employees: 275        
Number of food customers: 650              
Solution name(s): Warehouse Management Systems (WMS); WMS in the Cloud, Manufacturing Execution System (MES); Transportation Management Systems (TMS); Route Accounting Systems (RAS); Mobile Sales
Business benefits: Supply chain management is a long-term strategy. Smart companies see technology as a way to continually increase productivity and operating efficiency—whether or not business is booming. Modern supply chain management systems such as warehouse management systems and route accounting systems can reduce costs and increase productivity.


I.D. Systems, Hackensack, NJ
Year founded: 1993        
Number of employees: 90          
Number of food customers: 20 
Solution name(s): PowerFleet; PowerBox; PowerKey
Business benefits: PowerFleet helps many of the world’s largest manufacturers and retailers increase safety, reduce damage and optimize vehicle use—operator management through access control; Restrict vehicle use to authorized drivers—vehicle safety through automated OSHA checklists;  Maintain compliance with daily electronic vehicle checklists—damage reduction through impact detection and management; Detect impacts in real time—eliminate anonymous damage; Optimized utilization through measurement of vehicle use—analyze simultaneous use of vehicles, evaluate peaks, reallocate vehicles as appropriate.


Infor, Alpharetta, GA
Year founded: 2002        
Number of employees: 8,000    
Number of food customers: 132              
Solution name(s): Infor SCM Advanced Scheduler; Infor SCM Demand Planning; Infor SCM Warehouse Management; Infor SCM Transportation Management; Infor Event Management
Business benefits: Infor’s integrated suite for food industries allows customers to implement functionality solving specific pain points for fast return. Infor ION, Infor’s suite of interoperability and management services, allows customers to integrate and manage data for the lowest cost of ownership.


InmarInmar, Winston-Salem, NC
Year founded: 1980        
Number of employees: 4,200    
Number of food customers: 200+            
Solution name(s): Returns Management—Single Source Solution from return authorization to final disposition, including facility management, processing of physical returns, debit and credit financial management, and policy consulting;  Asset Recovery—Value added liquidation for discontinued, overstocks, withdrawn, surplus, closeouts, salvage, obsolete and distressed inventory balanced between optimal revenue maximization and brand and channel protection;  Recall Management—Recall Management including notification, product retrieval and payment and Regulatory Compliant Disposition; Returns Prevention—Supply Chain Analysis for Returns Reduction and Avoidance, Best Practices, Score carding and Packaging Analysis at all touch points including manufacturer plant, distribution center, retailers’ regional distribution center and retail store; Information Intelligence—Web-based information with dashboards and analytics for returns inventory management and customer, event, and supply chain intelligence coupled with industry knowledge and insight
Business benefits: Product returns represent one of the few areas remaining in which a company can find ways to cut costs. And in today’s tight economy, finding an opportunity to enhance the bottom line, as well as improve customer satisfaction, can set a company apart from its competitors and increase shareholder value.


InMotion Global Inc., St. Petersburg, FL
Year founded: 2002        
Number of employees: 40          
Number of food customers: 8   
Solution name(s): InMotion Global TMS (IMG)  
Business benefits: A free, web-based TMS (designed for temperature controlled shippers), a VRS and online knowledge base combine to increase profits, efficiency and customer satisfaction; offering real-time access, management control and full visibility, fewer claims and reduced fuel, implementation and training costs.


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