FL 100: Bouncing Back With Technology

Software, hardware and IT service providers report the food industry is still a strong vertical for them.

For the seventh year in a row, Food Logistics has identified the top 100 technology and solution providers to the food industry. The FL100 is a listing of software, hardware and IT service providers that focus on the unique technology needs of the food distribution business.

These companies are selected based on their proven track records and expertise in providing food companies with the tools to help them meet business objectives.

In addition to the listings, we’ve provided charts that list 18 categories of technology solutions and identifies which solutions each of the FL100 offers.

The FL100 is not a ranking—the alphabetical listing has been designed to help readers find the right solution partners to overcome their supply chain challenges.







AFS Technologies Inc., Phoenix
Year founded: 1986        
Number of employees: 160        
Number of food customers: 1,200           
Solution name(s): AFS Technologies offers a vast array of solutions for the food and beverage industry. A few of AFS Technologies’ solutions include: AFS ERP, AFS Warehousing & Logistics, AFS Order Management, Discovery, PROFILE, Promo Assist, Compass Forecast, Rebate Assist, AFS Mobile Solutions, and more.
Business benefits: They can achieve this by successfully adapting available and affordable technologies in areas of the supply chain such as: trade spend and promotion, warehouse productivity, reduction of errors, product traceability and improved communications.


Agentrics, Chicago
Year founded: 2005        
Number of employees: 500        
Number of food customers: 50
Solution name(s): Agentrics Spend Management & Contracts; Agentrics Product Lifecycle Management; Agentrics Supply Chain Synchronization; Agentrics Integration, Communication & Collaboration
Business benefits: Agentrics solutions and services enable companies of all sizes to source the best products, reduce out-of-stocks, foster a collaborative supply chain, develop more private label products and meet the needs of the consumer. Retailers and suppliers benefit from training and onboarding services to ensure optimal results from their technology investments.


Aldata Solution, Atlanta
Year founded: 1986        
Number of employees: 526
Number of food customers: 315              
Solution name(s): Aldata G.O.L.D. —The software suite includes modules for merchandising, sales, replenishment, logistics and store operations; Aldata Apollo Space Optimization—A collection of software solutions that provide customers the ability to automate planogram production while enabling consistent, accurate execution of category plans and new product launches at any required granular level; Aldata Cosmic Assortment Optimization—An analytical software solution that calculates the optimum mix of products to meet shopper, supplier and retailer objectives.
Business benefits: It’s critical that retailers meet shoppers evolving needs at affordable prices. Solutions like master data management, promotional forecasting and automatic replenishment help retailers better manage inventory and predict consumer demand, increasing customer loyalty, reducing expenses and streamlining the supply chain.


Appian Logistics Software Inc., Oklahoma City, OK
Year founded: 1988        
Number of employees: 25          
Number of food customers: 100+            
Solution name(s): Direct Route; DRTrack; ResourcePro; SchedulePro; Continuous Move Planner; TerritoryPro
Business benefits: Fleet routing optimization and real-time GPS tracking tools help companies plan better routes, resolve problems in real time and uncover opportunities for cost reductions on a continuing basis.


Aspen Logistics Inc., Temecula, CA         
Year founded: 1978        
Number of employees: 600        
Number of food customers: 70+              
Solution name(s): MyAspenLive.com (customer portal) instant access via internet connection to our YMS, WMS, TMS. The new functionality of recall reports empowers customers to quickly react to recalls by providing them all information on SKU/Lot seemlessly.
Business benefits: Technology is an enabler, especially in today’s economic environment. It’s a platform upon which higher productivity can be achieved with less time and effort. By implementing the right technologies a firm can maximize its output and achieve its greatest return.


Blue Sky TechnologiesBlue Sky Technologies Inc., Coppell, TX
Year founded: 2003        
Number of employees: 7            
Number of food customers: 40 
Solution name(s): Insight; JanusAMS; Data Vault; Insight—Speed by Road Segment
Business benefits: Especially in these economic times, many food logistics companies are using Blue Sky Technologies to find all the “quarters hidden in the sofa” of their supply chain operations. By simply providing companies with the tools to analyze their current operations, and point out areas of labor, product and asset inefficiencies, Blue Sky can put significant money back into your operations.


Cadec GlobalCadec Global Inc., Manchester, NH
Year founded: 1976        
Number of employees: 50          
Number of food customers: 60
Solution name(s): PowerVue; Mobius
Business benefits: Companies are under increasing pressure to effectively manage their supply chain to better serve their customers. Inadequate end-to-end supply chain visibility and siloed operations result in high operating costs and poor service levels. Companies are realizing the need to enhance the supply chain user experience, accelerate decision-making and increase collaboration with partners in an extended supply chain. Most current supply chain tools are not mature in providing comprehensive end-to-end information visibility. Moreover, they have limited capabilities when it comes to supporting rapid and dynamic supply chain analysis needs. Cadec brings market solutions that address these crucial requirements.


CAMS Software Corp.CAMS Software Corp.,  New Westminster, BC, Canada
Year founded: 1998        
Number of employees: 11          
Number of food customers: 25 
Solution name(s): CAMS Professional; CAMS Prospero; CAMS Progress;CAMS Profiler
Business benefits: CAMS Software has successfully become the leader in grocery transportation systems by listening to our clients and understanding your business, and then by providing products and services designed to assist you in running your business more efficiently and more profitably. Whether it’s enterprise-wide visibility of transportation data or backhaul revenue optimization programs, or driver efficiency and incentive programs, or just increased efficiency in your transportation department, CAMS provides our clients with the best-of-breed solutions to maximize your investment in technology and give you the competitive advantage you need in your industry of razor-thin margins.


CaseStack Inc.CaseStack Inc., Santa Monica, CA            
Year founded: 1999        
Number of employees: 115        
Number of food customers: 700              
Solution name(s): Transportation Services; Retailer Consolidation; Full Outsourcing; Valued Added Services
Business benefits: With retailers clamoring for greater compliance and consumers demanding the lowest possible price, the key to streamlined and efficient logistics remains technology. With the right application to manage orders and inventory, manufacturers can use such programs to connect their operations with their logistics provider and their retailers, bridging the gap and fostering collaboration. This increases visibility, allows for greater forecasting and reporting and provides key partners the ability to monitor shipments, customize order attributes and decrease the use of resources and the lapse of time. As collaboration and innovative technology make their way across the logistics industry, retailers will see improved supplier performance in the short term and prices will naturally fall in the long term, allowing for a greater potential for increased sales.

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