Here's What Products You're Missing During the Supply Chain Crisis

Supply chain disruptions are top of headlines this last year. But what exactly is missing from shelves or costing you extra due to the current crisis?

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The current supply chain crisis we are in was a long time coming due to factors that have happened throughout time like globalization and climate change. But this past year, the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic set in motion numerous elements that caused the supply chain crisis we're seeing today.

Right now, we see a labor shortage, shutdowns due to the pandemic, source material weakness and numerous other factors that push our supply chains to the brink. According to a survey from Oracle, about 82% of Americans were negatively impacted by supply chain issues this past year and 80% cut ties with favorite brands due to delays and shortages.

A few months ago, lumber was one of the top industries affected but later in the year lumber returned and metals became scarce. Searching for chicken became top of mind for many restaurants during the heart of the shutdowns but returned. However, poultry runs low again today.

And it is not just items missing. Due to their scarcity, prices are much higher for various items. So, while some consumers may not notice empty shelves or lack of items, the supply chain crisis drives the price of the products up.

So, what is out and what is costly right now because of the crisis?

For one, the semiconductor shortage is expected to carry on into the next year, which means automobiles, electronics and even toys will remain in short supply. The production industry currently struggles to keep up with the backlog in demand. 

According to the Adobe Digital Economy Index, jewelry customers saw the most "out of stock" notifications on digital shopping platforms other than tech in October. 

A glass and aluminum shortage remains, which affects the beverage and spirits industries as well. 

This is a current update based on data from a new platform from Buyers Edge, the Supply Chain Support Center, to help operators better navigate the disruptions.

  • Coffee prices are up about $1.90 a pound and saw doubled prices this summer not seen since 2014, due to drought followed by frosts in Brazil.
  • Poultry is plagued by labor shortages with Butterball having to suspend some turkey breast items and whole birds and turkey ham will be scarce throughout the entire industry. However, recovery is expected to appear after the holidays in January 2022, pushed by favorable weather for birds to grow and flock in large numbers.
  • Beef, also affected by labor shortages, sees inventory of CAB grade, Ox1 Strips, PLD Tri Trips, Sirloin Flap, Flanks, Chuck Flap, Peeled Knuckles and Chuck Tenders. From October of last year to this year, the price of beef and veal increased 20.1%
  • Pork sees high demand in back ribs and bacon with little supply.

Other things to keep note of is that jumbo sized Avocados are in short supply but small sizes remain in good standing, most fruit comes from Mexico right now due to damage in Southern California, quality for Iceberg, Leaf and Romaine lettuce are fair is fair to poor with high pricing due to low yields and Roma Tomatoes see strong demand but low inventory. 

A new COVID-19 variant, Omnicrom, also caused many countries to shut down their borders to overseas travelers which will result in numerous shipping delays. 

These numbers and availability will continue to fluctuate throughout the next year and beyond until the supply chain levels out and we fill the gaps that need to be fixed.