Is Las Vegas Becoming A Sustainable City?

The Las Vegas resort community and its partners will continue to develop and implement new green ideas and continue its transformation into one of the country's more sustainable cities for meetings and events.

When you think of Las Vegas, the last thing you probably think about is energy conservation, sustainable practices and green, eco-friendly destinations. But as this article points out, the leaders of the gambling and glitz capital are trying to turn Las Vegas into the "sustainable city" for meetings and events.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) is touting the city's green practices including "the use of sustainable products, energy-efficient lighting, water conservation, sustainable food choices, green building, reducing carbon emissions, cleansing and recycling excess soap and shampoo for use in developing countries [through the program Clean the World] and donating extra food to food banks," according to Taryle Spain, director of client services.

The Cashman Center and Las Vegas Convention Center recycled a record 68 percent, or 3,288 tons, of materials in 2012, and about a month ago, the LVCVA introduced four electronic-vehicle charging stations to serve delegates at the convention center. In addition, several of the city's resorts have embraced bold programs, spanning everything from building efficiency to food-waste reduction.

Considering Vegas' towering event infrastructure and perceptions of lavishness, it's worth noting the city's significant green-meeting strides?.

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