Qualcomm Rolls Out CSA Safety Performance Service

Helps identify drivers who are most vulnerable to unsafe driving and additional CSA violations.

San Diego: Qualcomm Inc. announced the commercial availability of the CSA Safety Performance Service. The basic service is available now, and the deluxe service will be available in the next several weeks. The deluxe service will provide carriers with the industry’s most comprehensive tool to manage performance related to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) new Safety Measurement System (SMS) scoring methodology.

The CSA Safety Performance Service integrates data from the CSA Safety Measurement System (SMS) and correlates relevant Qualcomm services data, including Hours of Service violations, Critical Event Reporting and Performance Monitoring, to provide a comprehensive analysis of driver and fleet-specific data.

The service helps identify drivers who are most vulnerable to unsafe driving and additional CSA violations, allowing fleet and safety managers to monitor and improve driver performance proactively and reduce their exposure to fines, interventions, accidents and poor CSA scores.

Powered by FleetRisk Advisors Inc.’s The Driving Center, the service helps fleets improve their SMS scores and reduce inspections, violations and accidents. Carriers who implement the CSA Safety Performance Service have access to:

  • Comprehensive views of a fleet’s performance across FMCSA’s 7 BASICs (according to FMCSA records);
  • Tools to identify potential problem areas in future inspections;
  • Driver coaching scripts to address identified issues, and;
  • Detailed tracking of the remediation process.

“We are committed to helping customers improve the safety and regulatory compliance of their fleets. By bringing the CSA Safety Performance Service to market, we are providing fleets with a new way to proactively manage compliance with critical and complex new regulations,” says Norm Ellis, vice president of sales, services and marketing for Qualcomm Enterprise Services. “Qualcomm is leveraging our expertise and experience with thousands of customers with varied operational profiles to bring something uniquely comprehensive and valuable to the market.”

CSA Safety Performance Service provides customers with a variety of reporting options, as well as driver coaching scripts and training modules to address high-risk behavior. The service provides graphical tools to make data more meaningful, as well as provides numerous ways to filter data from the fleet level down to the driver level.