Feeling Hungry?

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Welcome to a special edition of Food Logistics, which we’ve devoted entirely to the topic of food safety and security. Although we routinely cover this topic in every regular issue of the magazine, it warrants an occasional deep-dive to keep us all on our toes.

And, that’s putting it lightly. Inside you’ll find comprehensive coverage on the impact of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), for starters. As this massive piece of legislation begins its roll out, the impact will be felt widely across our industry. But, not everyone’s convinced that it will truly achieve its intended purpose of dramatically reducing foodborne illnesses. The costs associated with compliance are also being questioned. Many of our colleagues suspect the FDA has vastly underestimated the hit small and larger companies alike will take.

At the heart of this special edition is our list of “winners” (and dare we say “losers”) on the food safety and security front. These 40 companies, organizations, events, and technologies give a quick glimpse into the range of triumphs and tragedies that comprise the current state of affairs. Everything from new advancements in food packaging that protects consumers from tainted food to Europe’s horse meat scandal and China’s pig problem.

At Food Logistics, we view the global food supply chain as a tightly integrated, dynamic supply chain that is particularly prone to weather events, the availability of natural resources, changing consumer tastes, cultural and social biases, high profile recalls, sustainability issues and much more. Our goal is to continually help connect the dots for readers and uncover the interdependent relationships that comprise the global food supply chain, whether it’s one corporation’s sustainable sourcing program, or Chinese farmers’ disposal of dead pig carcasses in a river that servers as a major source of drinking water for Shanghai. Reducing food waste, feeding the world, extending shelf life, protecting consumers’ health—all of it is related.

We have one more special edition planned for 2013. In July, we’ll explore sustainability and energy efficiency as it relates to the global food supply chain. Our coverage will examine sustainable transportation, from air to ocean, road and rail, to sustainable agriculture practices. We’ll also report on the latest cold chain advancements, starting with the warehouse and distribution centers, whose focus on energy efficiency is more important than ever these days.

The spring season also marks the time of year when we survey our readers for their feedback on our content and product offerings. Our readers’ input is valuable for both our sales and editorial teams. Just like a supply chain, we want to deliver the right information, at the right time, in the right format. So, please let us know what you think, we appreciate it.

Enjoy the read.