Product Review: Equipment

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PR 4500 Pallet Rider

Crown Equipment Corp.'s PR 4500 Series Pallet Rider is able to perform in a variety of material handling applications. The Variable Side Stance design positions the operator for maximum effectiveness and forward/reverse visibility during travelling and load handling functions. In addition, power steering contributes to better manoeuvrability and improved operator comfort. The PR 4500 Series also comes equipped with Crown's exclusive InfoPoint System, which simplifies maintenance by providing detailed maps, making it easy to locate and identify components throughout the truck.

PeopleNet BLU

PeopleNet BLU, from PeopleNet, features a seven-inch touch-screen display, an easy-to-use interface and supports a full range of innovative PeopleNet applications. More than an in-cab display, it gives a new level of freedom to the driver and will have a profound impact on driver retention and fleet productivity.

Portec SB Merge

Portec Flomaster, a leading manufacturer of specialty conveyors, has just released the newest addition to its product line, the SB Merge. Portec's SB Merge is a high-speed, low-angle, induction conveyor. Engineered with a positive drive that pulls rather than pushes, the conveyor keeps product oriented and provides an effective solution for merging or inducting. This new, low-angle induction conveyor was designed for easy maintenance and overall reliability.

PolarTek Refrigerated Front Door

The PolarTek refrigerated truck door is the perfect surface for expressing a company's image. It is constructed of polycomposite panels for a smooth, automotive-quality appearance that's tough and moisture resistant, so decals and painted graphics will look better, longer. And PolarTek offers all the thermal efficiency companies have come to expect from a TODCO reefer door.

Sky-Trax Lift Height Sensor

The Sky-Trax Lift Height Sensor HS-1C is the perfect solution for continuous measurement of the height of forks on any forklift truck, for on-board data collection, inventory management and other automation systems. The Sky-Trax Lift Height Sensor is capable of determining height levels ranging from zero to a maximum of thirty feet from the floor. It maintains an accuracy of better then +/--2" throughout its range, provides a stable mast height determination within one second at any time and operates in both standard and refrigerated warehousing conditions.

GMC W-Series

The revolutionary 2008 GMS W-Series offers a low cab forward platform that is complemented by an all-new cab designed for function. The new diesel engine, with 205 horsepower and 441 pounds/feet of torque, is very powerful. The six-speed double overdrive automatic transmission provides effortless, smooth shifting. W-Series trucks are also easy to service and comfortable to drive.