F&B Shippers Share Shipping To Cut Expenses And Improve Sustainability

Food and beverage competitors are able to cut expenses and improve sustainability by sharing transport expense, according to The Guardian, based in the United Kingdom. Ocean Spray shifted 80 percent of its shipping along the New Jersey–Florida route off trucks and into Tropicana’s empty rail cars. The change reduced carbon emissions by 20 percent and slashed transportation costs by 40 percent – about $200 per load – on that route, according to a 2013 analysis by the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. In a similar move, competing confectioners Hershey and Ferrero announced a partnership in 2011 to reduce costs and cut carbon by sharing facilities and creating one North American supply chain. The alliance has removed 584 trucks from the road according to Hershey and prevented the release of 6.5m pounds of carbon dioxide over the past two years.

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