Underwriters Laboratories Expands Food Safety Training to Retail Food Industry

Underwriters Laboratories, a world leader in safety science with its internationally recognized UL symbol, announced this week that they now offer a comprehensive Food Safety Training Solution for the retail sector of the food industry. UL's new food safety compliance and training solution is offered through its UL EduNeering business line, a proven leader in training and compliance solutions to FDA inspectors and to FDA-regulated companies.

“Clearly, protecting the public from foodborne illness requires robust compliance and food safety training programs at the retail level. Additionally, these programs must effectively address both traditional and evolving food safety challenges,” said Gary Coleman, UL’s Food Safety Practice Leader. “It only makes sense to instill food safety knowledge and practice into the operational culture at this level; after all, it is the last opportunity for food safety interventions to be implemented before food reaches the consumer.”

UL’s Food Safety Training Solution provides the retail food sector a comprehensive set of training tools designed to help ensure food safety and maintain regulatory compliance.Key components of UL’s comprehensive food safety training solution for the retail industry lead to building a robust culture around food safety and include courses designed to capture regulatory requirements and safe food practices, food manager training and food code.

“UL is a leader in adult learning techniques that drive employee behavior modifications and promote quality performance and compliance at FDA-regulated companies,” said Lynne Budnovitch, Managing Director, UL EduNeering. “With this offering, UL stands out as a premier provider of food safety solutions and further supports our corporate mission of creating safer working and living environments globally.”

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