Hino Unveils 'World's First' Hybrid Refrigeration Technology

Japanese truck and bus maker Hino has teamed up with automotive parts manufacturer Denso on new hybrid drive train technology, delivering what it claims is a world first in truck refrigeration, a system that uses energy generated by the hybrid drive train, while driving and braking, to operate the refrigerator's compressor.

Compared with conventional truck refrigeration systems, which require either an auxiliary fridge motor or a PTO from the vehicle's engine to run the compressor, the Hino/Denso system is designed to offer improved fuel economy, more consistent refrigeration performance and quieter running.

The lack of an auxiliary fridge motor also makes it 150 kilograms lighter with fewer parts. The hybrid-based reefer system includes a standby unit that can be connected to an external power source to maintain temperatures when the truck's engine is switched off. The standby unit also has a timer so the refrigerated compartment can be "pre-freezed" automatically.

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