SurePure's Photopurification Technology Offers A Range of Innovative Uses

SurePure, Inc., announced earlier this week that it has signed another agreement with what they termed "a global leader in specialty plant-based natural ingredients," to use their proprietary photopurification technology to purify the company's natural colorant products.

SurePure's new technology, which uses UV-C light to purify microbiologically sensitive liquids such as wine, fruit juice and milk  to improve, purify and/or extend shelf life of the respective products, has allowed the company to reach several agreements with companies in the wine, dairy, and liquid egg industries.

Last July the Indian Food Safety regulatory body (FSSAI) approved the use of SurePure's technology as an alternative process to thermal pasteurization for milk and other dairy products, which helped pave the way for the commercialization of SurePure's technology throughout India's fluid milk market. Surepure also recently started working with Namaqua Wines and Neil Patterson Wines, on top of a multi-year agreement with the first and largest liquid egg company IPAY (Izmir Pastorize Yumurta) of Izmir, Turkey, to improve shelf life and brand quality of its egg products.

"We are very pleased with the results of our trial work with a significant manufacturer and marketer of natural ingredients for the food, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetic industries and the positive response it has had on their products using our technology," said Guy Kebble, Chief Executive Officer at SurePure. "This is yet another novel and highly beneficial application of the SurePure photosterilization technology."

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