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Logistics trends in our industry.

Next-gen Temp Logger Introduced by Onset

Onset has unveiled the HOBO UX100 Series, the   company’s next generation family of data loggers for tracking temperature and relative humidity in indoor   environments.

“The HOBO UX100 Series sets a new standard for portable temp/RH data logging,” said Jessica Frackelton, Onset’s senior manager of product marketing.

Among other things, the UX100 Series data loggers can be used to track food storage conditions in warehouses and log temperature trends in server rooms.


NaturaLINE Boosts Green Shipping Efforts

Carrier Transicold’s NaturaLINE unit is demonstrating the practicality of a natural refrigerant-based system for intermodal shipping.

“Carrier’s natural leadership in refrigeration technologies provides marine and intermodal shipping operations with an unprecedented opportunity to further improve their environmental stewardship,” said David Appel, president of Carrier Transicold, during the Intermodal Europe trade show in Amsterdam. “Along with the PrimeLINE unit, the NaturaLINE unit leverages environmental technologies to consume less energy over its expected life compared to our previous equipment, reduce overall operating costs and increase the recyclability of its components when they reach the end of their useful life.”

The NaturaLINE sea trial included shipments of Caribbean-grown bananas, Belgian beer, European wines, cookie dough, ice cream, meats and cheeses.


Ocean Spray Cranberries Cuts GHG, Transportation Costs

A study conducted by the Center for Transportation & Logistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT CTL) shows Ocean Spray Cranberries gained a 20 percent reduction in greenhouse gases (GHG) along with a 40 percent savings in transportation costs by making smart process changes to one of its primary transportation and distribution routes.

There were several unique aspects to the study, which attempted to measure sustainability improvements after Ocean Spray, a $2.2 billion agricultural cooperative and fruit juice and food manufacturer, opened a new distribution center and partnered with a competitor to improve transportation efficiency.

Ocean Spray’s first process change to reduce GHG emissions and transportation costs was to open a new distribution center in Florida, bringing product supply closer to demand. At the same time, the company learned that a competing juice company had a New Jersey-to-Florida backhaul opportunity. Ocean Spray investigated whether it was possible to fill the competitor’s vacant railcars with Ocean Spray product already headed in that direction by truck.

Following 12 months of collaboration, Ocean Spray reported:

•           A shift of 80 percent of its freight traffic between New Jersey and Florida to a new rail route

•           A 20 percent overall carbon footprint reduction in that lane

•           An estimated 40 percent savings on transportation costs in that lane—about $200 per truckload

•           A savings of 1,300 metric tons of carbon dioxide (equivalent to saving over 100,000 gallons of fuel)

Jason Mathers, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Logistics at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), which sponsored the study, said, “Ocean Spray has shown that concrete and measurable sustainability results can be found within projects that were previously identified for cost savings only. We encourage all companies who identify cost cutting opportunities within their logistics operations to also calculate potential emissions reductions to add greater overall value to their organizations.”


Crowley Opens New Cold Storage in Miami

Crowley Maritime Corp. and Customized Brokers, the company’s Miami-based customs brokerage arm, recently opened a new cold storage warehouse facility, Crowley Fresh, in Miami.

The 400,000 cubic foot Crowley Fresh facility features multiple humidity and temperature-controlled coolers and is open 24/7 to store and handle perishables imported and exported to markets in Latin and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and the Far East.

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