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The ThermoKeeper liners are made with completely biodegradable components. The temperature controlled, waterproof liner offers an alternative to foam-lined coolers and it also includes an EPA-approved anti-microbial additive to prevent cross-contamination in case of accidental spills or leakages.

After use, the liners can be collapsed and stored for later use or recycled.


Joint Venture Aims to Boost CNG Network in the U.S.

Trillium CNG and AMP Americas have announced a joint venture, AMP Trillium, which aims to build a network of compressed natural gas (CNG) stations across the U.S. for heavy-duty and long-haul trucking fleets.

AMP Trillium will build stations along the I-65 and I-75 trucking corridors and major routes in Texas. The first CNG station will be available by fall 2012.

To emphasize the project’s sustainability benefits, AMP Trillium plans to use renewable CNG whenever possible. Renewable CNG is the chemical equivalent of fossil-based natural gas and is obtained from biomass, often food or animal waste.

“We’re very excited by what this joint venture means to AMP and our industry. It allows us to complete more renewable CNG projects alongside a strong financial and operating partner,” said Nate Laurell, AMP’s founder and CEO. “Oil, being globally priced, is expensive, but natural gas is not only abundant in the U.S., it’s also cleaner, producing 20 to 30 percent fewer greenhouse emissions than diesel fuel.”


C.H. Robinson Expands in Europe to Target Cold Chain Shipments

C.H. Robinson Europe, a division of C.H. Robinson Worldwide, has opened a new office in Rotterdam to target temperature controlled shipments.

According to the company, the segment is one of the fastest growing for C.H. Robinson Europe on the continent.

“Rotterdam was chosen for its strategic location thanks to its harbor that plays a key role in the import and export of goods on the continent. C.H. Robinson has 34 offices in Europe, some of which already have a strong presence in refrigerated transportation. However, the Rotterdam office is the company’s first in Europe to specifically focus on the service,” the company stated in a press release.


Southwest Air Cargo Unveils New Service for Perishables, Others

Perishable shippers and others whose products are high-value and time- and temperature-sensitive have a new option with Southwest Air Cargo. The carrier recently introduced Cargo Companion, described as a comprehensive asset tracking service that provides shippers with complete visibility regarding the location and environmental status of high-value and time- and temperature-sensitive shipments.

The state-of-the-art wireless asset tracking devices monitor the location, shock, light, temperature, pressure, and humidity of cargo during transit and alerts shippers via email when their shipment crosses predefined checkpoints; arrives at its destination; or if potential issues arise during transit.

“Cargo Companion gives customers a new level of visibility regarding the status of their cargo,” explained Wally Devereaux, director of cargo sales and marketing for Southwest Airlines. “The information provided by this service will enhance the customer experience and improve operational efficiencies and minimize the impact of delays within the supply chain.”


New Service Blends Wine Co. With Rail Provider

Railex LLC and Ste. Michelle Wine Estates are expanding their working relationship to launch a new service to transport wine cross-country via temperature-controlled rail cars. In addition, Railex is building a new Wine Services Distribution Center neighboring their existing transload facility in Wallula, Washington.

“Ste. Michelle is an expert at growing grapes and making wine,” said Rob McKinney, vice president of operations.

“Although we have expertise with transportation and distribution issues, we determined that our business has grown to a scale that requires a third-party logistics provider to manage our distribution requirements according to our exacting standards.”

The Railex Wine Service Distribution Center will offer refrigerated, humidity-controlled storage and numerous other transportation and logistics features for their customers. The wine distribution center is scheduled to open in February 2013.


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