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Coca-Cola Enterprises To Purchase Hybrid Trucks From Kenworth

In this win-win program, Hanson Logistics works directly with Wal-Mart to relieve suppliers of the tedious tasks associated with order fulfillment and provides transparency through web-based order management.

Food manufacturers share truckload savings when shipping smaller, higher frequency orders; Wal-Mart receives scheduled, consolidated truckload deliveries consistent with its continuous fulfillment strategies. What’s more, the efficiencies contribute to sustainable supply chain initiatives.

Hanson Logistics has established a set sailing schedule to all 41 Wal-Mart distribution centers in the U.S.

» ATA Issues Truck Driver Compensation Study
The American Trucking Associations has released the ATA Driver Compensation Study with data from 2007 and 2008 operations. It is ATA’s first report on driver compensation since 2003.

“The trucking industry faces many challenges in 2009,” says president and CEO Bill Graves of the ATA, Arlington, VA. “Appropriately compensating and retaining top-notch drivers is a necessity for companies trying to weather the current economic storm.

Graves pointed to a number of important areas in the study, including data on:

  • Employee driver salaries on national and regional levels;
  • Employee driver salaries by carrier type (flatbed, refrigerated, truck and more);
  • Employee driver benefits, including bonuses, insurance, and vacation;
  • Employee driver recruitment, training and retention practices;
  • Owner-operator employment and compensation structure;
  • Technician employment, salaries and benefits.

The ATA Driver Compensation Study can be purchased at

» VICS, GS1 Launch Empty Miles Service
The Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions (VICS) Association, GS1 Canada and GS1 US are launching a solution to optimize truck transportation by reducing the number of trailers traveling without loads throughout the continent.

The Empty Miles Service matches a company’s trailers that are returning empty with potential loads that can be collected and delivered along the return route. For participating companies, the VICS Empty Miles service will save money, produce revenues and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption across North America.

VICS members using real data in a structured pilot program have tested all functions of the Empty Miles Service.

Pilot participants, which include several of North America’s largest retailers, consumer goods suppliers and transportation carriers, have found the Empty Miles Service easy to use, simple to operate and powerful in terms of results.

VICS Members can participate in Empty Miles for $1,600 per year. Non-members will be charged $1,850 per year. Pricing is by year, not by shipment or mile, which encourages companies to take maximum advantage of Empty Miles. By registering more routes in the Empty Miles system, companies can increase the savings derived while minimizing cost per shipment.

“Pricing for Empty Miles offers an excellent value for companies. Subscribers will include companies with unused capacity and shipping requirements that can be satisfied through a repetitive commitment, like regularly traveled backhauls,” says Joe Andraski, president and CEO of VICS. “Both VICS members and non-members will be permitted to use the system since the more participants it has, the more closely it will match loads with return routes.”

» Nestle Building Factory, Beverage DC In Indiana
Nestle is building its largest ready-to-drink aseptic products factory in the world in Anderson, IN, with production dedicated to meet growing U.S. consumer demand for its Nesquik Ready-to-Drink and Coffee-Mate Liquid products.

“Our Anderson facility gives us a unique platform to leverage our nutrition, health and wellness strategy in the United States. It will allow us to create and develop new and innovative ranges of healthy and nutritious beverage products and bring them to market,” says Nestle CEO Paul Bulcke. “We’ve made our products better for the consumers, and with this facility, better for the environment.”

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