FL 100: Bouncing Back With Technology

Software, hardware and IT service providers report the food industry is still a strong vertical for them.

Teradata Corp., Dayton, OH
Year founded: Spun off from NCR in 2007
Number of employees: 6,000    
Number of food customers: NA               
Solution name(s): Teradata Data Warehouse; Demand Chain Management; Teradata Relationship Management; Integrated Web Intelligence; Retail Business Intelligence; Master Data Management; Retail Industry Logical Data Models & Enterprise Data Warehouse Roapmaps; Advanced Analytics; Retail business Consulting & Professional Services
Business benefits: Leading food companies that leverage technology to process data assets into real-time information about their business, marketplace, & customers and assimilate that information throughout their organization, are able to respond more quickly, effectively, and profitably than their competitors to unexpected changes in their business as a result of an uncertain economic environment.


Terra TechnologyTerra Technology, Norwalk, CT
Year founded: 2001        
Number of employees: 86          
Number of food customers: 8   
Solution name(s): Demand Sensing; Multi-Enterprise Demand Sensing; Multi-Enterprise Inventory Optimization; Transportation Forecasting
Business benefits: Technology helps companies realize sales and profitability in unpredictable markets by analyzing daily demand signals from all echelons of the supply chain to better match supply with demand, improve forecast accuracy, decrease inventory, improve on-shelf availability and reduce operational costs.


TGW Systems, Spring Lake, MI
Year founded: 1964        
Number of employees: 1,100    
Number of food customers: 150              
Solution name(s): Carton, tote and unit load conveyor & sortation systems; Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) for case, tote, carton and pallet loads; Warehouse Control (WCS) and Warehouse Management (WMS) Systems
Business benefits: Technology can help take the money companies have saved by cutting costs and investing it in automation to get a greater return from optimizing facilities, better utilizing workers and increasing throughput.


Top-VOX Corp.Top-VOX Corp., Barrington, IL
Year founded: 1995        
Number of employees: 120        
Number of food customers: 200+            
Solution name(s): topSPEECH-Lydia voice recognition; Voxter; Voxter-S; Voxter RFID
Business benefits: Companies currently using the TopVox speech solution for case and eaches picking report an average productivity increase of more than 20 percent. Other benefits of using voice in the warehouse include a high reduction of errors, increased safety in the workplace, and easy integration in any WMS/ERP system which makes this technology attainable for any size company with an average payback of less than one year.


Total Logistic ControlTotal Logistic Control, Holland, MI
www.totallogistic.com and www.tlctmone.com
Year founded: 1902        
Number of employees: 2,550    
Number of food customers: 185              
Solution name(s): Transportation: TMOne (OTM);  Warehousing: Red Prairie
Business benefits: TLC supply chain capabilities are “source to shelf.” We operate across the key supply chain functions and bring the supporting technology. TLC targets companies that are interested in outsourcing all or parts of the supply chain operations and/or are interested in capitalizing on TLC’s robust supply chain technologies and capabilities.


United States Cold StorageUnited States Cold Storage, Voorhees, NJ
Year founded: NA
Number of employees: NA
Number of food customers: NA
Solution name(s): USCS Technology Supports USCS Customers
Business benefits: Advanced warehouse technology and integrated logistics systems are essential elements that enable USCS to provide dynamic supply chain services. Warehouse activities are fully integrated with appointment scheduling and transportation movement for receiving and shipping.


UpNet Technologies, Minneapolis
Year founded: 1996        
Number of employees: 30          
Number of food customers: 100              
Solution name(s): iEDeX data integration and translation platform; Order Management; Logistic Network Manager; Customer Purchasing Gateway; Supplier Relationship Manager; Status 411; Business Analytics; B2B Trading Partner Network; Vendor Management; Scan-based Trading & Ordering; Purchase-2-Pay; e-Invoicing
Business benefits: In today’s economic environment, we must all learn to do more with less. iEDeX from UpNet enables businesses to effectively utilize technology to reduce internal costs, drive efficiency throughout their supply chain and effectively collaborate with trading partners. Our cost predictable SaaS solutions increase technical capabilities and flexibilities, providing the ability to better manage risk.


UPS Logistics TechnologiesUPS Logistics Technologies, Baltimore
Year founded: 1983        
Number of employees: 152        
Number of food customers: 786              
Solution name(s): Roadnet Transportation Suite, including Roadnet, Territory Planner, Mobilecast, Roadnet Performance Dashboard, Roadnet Info Center and Net Scheduler; Roadnet Anywhere
Business benefits: Decreased transportation costs; increased customer satisfaction; enhanced strategic planning capabilities.


VAIVAI, Vormittag Associates Inc., Ronkonkoma, NY
Year founded: 1978        
Number of employees: 130        
Number of food customers: 24 
Solution name(s): S2K for Food
Business benefits: Food and distribution ERP software streamlines operations, saving time and money—crucial in this challenging economy. Harness the power of VAI’s S2K for Food Distribution. Designed for your budget, S2K offers proven results for the future of your business.


Voxware, Hamilton, NJ
Year founded: 1993        
Number of employees: 70          
Number of food customers: 30+              
Solution name(s): Voxware3     
Business benefits: Voice picking directly reduces warehouse labor costs with ROI often achieved in just 6 months, so it is an ideal platform for meeting short- and long-term goals.


Weber Logistics, Santa Fe Springs, CA
Year founded: 1924        
Number of employees: 771        
Number of food customers: 12 
Solution name(s): Integrated supply chain solutions       
Business benefits: Technology, when applied effectively, allows for increased flexibility and visibility. In both the short and long term, companies’ use of technology can allow them to make more timely and educated decisions. In a difficult economy, the ability to react efficiently can be the difference between success and failure.


Werner Enterprises, Omaha, NE
Year founded: 1956        
Number of employees: 12,000
Number of food customers: 150+            
Solution name(s): SMART (Shipment Management and Resource Tracking) System.
Business benefits: Drive costs out of your network by utilizing multiple shipper collaboration; Customizable TMS that creates visibility for consolidation and mode conversion; Partner with an organization whose philosophy is founded on designing and utilizing proprietary systems to deliver the lowest cost solutions;  Supplier freight management flexibility based on business needs; Mode optimization versatility to select cost savings based off demand.


Westfalia Technologies Inc.Westfalia Technologies Inc., York, PA
Year founded: 1992        
Number of employees: 75          
Number of food customers: 65+              
Solution name(s): Satellite technology for Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS); Savanna.NET Warehouse Management Software (WMS)
Business benefits: Savanna.NET optimizes all processes within both conventional and automated warehouses, to be more efficient and generate cost savings. All of Savanna’s benefits, including improved order accuracy, increased labor productivity, maximizing space utilization, optimizing product flows and more, are both short- and long-term results.


WITRON Integrated Logistics Corp. Arlington Heights, IL
Year founded: 1971        
Number of employees: 1,200
Number of food customers: 26 
Solution name(s): OPM automated case picking and palletizing system; DPS Dynamic Picking System for piece picking in a highly ergonomic, efficient and cost effective manner.
Business benefits: Implementing our automated solutions will help companies reduce order fulfillment costs, increase quality, real time visibility/control, become more nimble, eliminate errors, provide an ergonomic environment and become more competitive in their industry.

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